What to Wear in Prague in July

Posted on Jul 1 2013 - 8:51am by Tyler Coleman

Planning a visit to the beautiful city of Prague in July? Knowing what to pack is important as this would reduce your burden of fretting over what to pack and what to skip. The city is blessed with a moderate climate with romantic rains, which make the city even more beautiful. With knowing what to wear in Prague in July, you can make the best of your time there.

What to Wear in Prague in July

Weather of Prague in July

The weather in July is next to awesome. With mild temperature, the city is a blessing from summer heat. The temperature and the weather are perfect for a day out and enjoy the sights and many flavors of the city. Since July is a summer month, expect to see a lot of tourists in the city. In fact, most of the places would be crowded with tourists from across the world. May be advanced booking would help you steer clear of long queues in hotels and cafes. Although waiting isn’t too bad, who knows you might see something better!

What to Wear in Prague?

Light clothes would be more than sufficient in July weather and a pair of closed-toe shoes to let you walk through roads, if they get puddles due to rain without smearing your feet.

Women – Since this is summer time, you can roam around in your shorts and tunics. T-shirts and khaki pants or stretch pants will give you good company in July weather. You can also pack a blue hued blazer for formal occasions. This could be your best and safest bet for sightseeing and going out, too. Try packing neutral shades as they work for both purposes.

Men – Men can keep full-sleeve shirts for strolling about in streets or going to restaurants. Shorts, capris and cotton pants are viable options, too.

Kids – Dress up your kids in a casual manner. Skirts, floral tops and lowers along with shorts would be just about perfect for girls. Boys can opt for t-shirts or full-sleeve shirts with shorts or three-fourth pants. You can also go for khaki cargos.

Footwear – Well, to enjoy the amazing sights of this city, you have no better substitute to walking. You can pack flip-flops if you aren’t afraid of a little dirt on your feet. Else, opt for closed-toe shoes or sneakers that let you walk with ease and don’t sting at the end of the day. Even better, keep a comfy pair of bellies for both sightseeing and a fun-filled evening!

Accessories – Since the rains are pretty unreliable, don’t forget to pack an umbrella or a trench. Sunscreen to protect you from sun and a glam pair of sunglasses to give the diva look even without makeup. A pretty scarf to jazz up any outfit is a must-have. You can also carry a wide-brimmed hat or substitute it with a fedora; besides fedora look really classy and will compliment even a simple t-shirt and shorts.

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