What to Wear in Prague in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 4:08am by Tyler Coleman
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January is a great month to visit Prague only and only if you want to get cozy with your spouse because the winters here so harsh that normally people plan to skip this month, but the city will not fail you in any month. January is a great month to enjoy theater shows. From 12th to 19th January you can catch Fiddler on the Roof at the Spanish Synagogue and Phantom of the Opera at the Prague state Opera. You can also head to Old Town Square to have a taste of Prague’s nightlife. At walking distance from here is Bombay Bar and club which are also a must-visit. Just make sure you have packed everything you need and for that read on to know what to wear in Prague in January.

What to Wear in Prague in January

Weather of Prague in January

January is known to be one of the coldest winter months in Prague with freezing temperatures, even during the day. The daytime average highs are -2 degrees Celsius which can further take a dip to -4 degrees Celsius by evenings. January also happens to be a dry month i.e. very little or no rainfall during January. However, it is a great time to enjoy ice skating at Prague’s city centre.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Prague in January?

The weather is bone chilling and you will have t pack a lot of warm and woolen clothes. Here are some suggestions:

Women – The warmer, the better! Stick to it and you will be glad that you came to Prague in such weather. Pack thermals so that most of your body heat stays insulated and then wear layers of clothes over them. You can go for warm t-shirts and blouses over thermals and then add layers of sweaters and jackets. Jeans and warm slacks and leggings are something you cannot do without here. Also pack cardigans and a thick overcoat. It is better if you can go for an ankle length coat as it will keep you warm.

Men – Stick to warm clothes and pack in layers. Thermals are unavoidable and if you don’t want to freeze or burden yourself with many heavy clothes, go for insulated thermals. Go for lightweight sweaters or jackets that can be layered with warmer and heavier sweaters and jackets, and then finally wear an overcoat. Go for a knee-length overcoat and one with thick padding inside. Thick blazers and jackets can also be packed.

Kids – Pack well-insulated and warm clothes for kids such as woolen and fleece sweaters, heavy jackets, woolen and warm slacks or jeans along with thick and padded coats.

Footwear – The best is to stick to boots or shoes with linings. Also pack woolen socks to keep your feet comfy.

Accessories – Pack sunscreen and sunglasses as the sun does shoe up sometimes even in cloudy weather. Also pack a warm and woolen hat and it would be even better if it can cover your ears. Also pack gloves and an umbrella.