What to Wear in Prague in February

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:45am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Prague is by far the largest within the Czech Republic. Known for its historical buildings that give visitors a glimpse into the past, this city plays host to over two million residents. Though the city is known for its warm summer, the winter time can be harsh and unforgiving. During the month of February you can experience some severe cold weather. The average highs of Prague stay around 2°C, while the lows are around -2°C. Both of these temperatures are near by the freezing point of water, which increases the likelihood of experience snow.

What to Wear in Prague in February

Weather of Prague in February

Prague during February is incredibly chilly. If you are planning on visiting Prague during this time, it is extremely important that you are prepared. With weather conditions approaching -5°C and Prague’s unforgiving winds, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the cold. There are some dress suggestions that will help you face the bitter cold of Prague without freezing. Below are some great outfit selections for wintertime in Prague:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Prague in February?

Women’s Clothes: During the extreme cold found in Prague, it is important that women dress for the freezing temperatures. One great suggestion is to bring an overcoat for both day as well as nighttime. With a high of only 35 degrees, water will begin to freeze as the sun goes down. The best types of coats to wear are those made from warm fabrics such as: wool, leather and furs. Women should focus on wearing layers of clothing in this time, so its a good idea to wear long sleeves underneath your overcoat. Also, Leggings can be worn underneath denims pants or jeans to help keep your legs warm as well.

Men’s Clothes: The first rule of dressing for Prague in February is to leave all shorts and short sleeve shirts at home! This rule should be strictly adhered to, especially for men. The best types of clothes to bring are pullovers and heavy sweaters for the cold. Also, a good leather jacket or heavy hoodie should be sufficient for daytime wear. For pants it is a good idea to wear denim, jeans or sweatpants in the day time. It is a good idea to invest in some thermals(both the tops as well as bottoms). These thermals will help keep all body heat within your clothes. At night men would do well to wear a overcoat on top of their blazers and sweaters.

Kids Clothes: Children should bundle up during this time. At temperatures this low it is extremely easy for young children to get sick. The best outfits for your children will include heavy jackets with hoods on them. These hoods will keep their face and head warm. Also, thermals(for boys) or leggings(for girls) that will keep heat closed to their bodies. Cargo pants, dark denim and jeans are great options for the little ones.

Footwear: The best type of footwear for the extreme cold, rain or snow will be boots. You want to go with highly comfortable boots that are water resistant as well. A good option for the day time is a patent leather shoes, these make great options to go with a more dressy outfit.

Accessories: One must have accessory for the entire family is a snow hat of some kind. These hats cover the ears and top of heads. Another great accessory is thermal socks, which perform the same functions as thermals do for the body.