What to wear in Prague in December

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 12:30pm by Tyler Coleman

There could be nothing better than celebrating your Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the beautiful and romantic city of Prague. And, if you can stand the chilly weather and freezing temperatures, there is no stopping you from enjoying all the festivities in the air. The Christmas Exhibition is on all through the month as it is a month-long event in Prague. Then there are fireworks and parties for New Year’s Eve! You’ll not have a minute to waste owing to the busy air of the space. With knowledge of what to wear in Prague in December, you will fit right in the locals and have even more fun.

What to wear in Prague in December

Weather of Prague in December

One thing is certain that it is going to be COLD. The temperatures can dip below freezing, like going in negative degrees. However, the positive side is reduced precipitation; hence you will not have to worry about rain as winters see less snow here. But don’t let December blues knock down your vacation and festive spirit as there is a lot to do and see in this beautiful city which gets even more beautiful during festive season.

What to Wear in Prague?

If you are travelling to Prague in December, pack according to the winter. The temperature is pretty cold, so you’ll not regret bringing your warmest winter clothes here. A warm coat that goes well down your hips is great option. You’ll do well with clothes that can be layered, too.

Women – Layering will be your best bet against the winters here as they can be removed or worn again as and when required. You can go for full-sleeve garments that can be worn one over other. A long warm coat is a must-have in the winter temperatures. A scarf or a hat to cover your head as well as ears as you venture out will also be required. You can also pack woolen slacks.

Men – A warm long coat will be absolutely necessary. You may be outdoors longer than you think, so carry clothes that can be layered like full-sleeve shirts along with sweaters and jackets and long coat, too. You can pack warm pants and trousers to go along with shirts.

Kids – Layering would be great option for kids, too. You can pack long-sleeve garments that can be worn over shorter ones or underneath heavy jackets and sweaters. You can pack woolen slacks or warm trousers along with coats, woolen sweaters and thick jackets. A hat or a scarf that covers head and ears will also be required.

Footwear – Keep a pair of strong and durable shoes, or may be two if you don’t want to take any risk. You can also keep waterproof boots that let you walk without any discomfort. Closed-toe shoes are to be preferred, of course!

Accessories – A hat and scarf are a must-have to survive your winters in Prague. You can also keep pretty and warm scarves to let you escape from cold and adding a dash of glam at the same time. Keep woolen socks and gloves handy along with sunscreen and sunglasses.

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