What to wear in Phoenix in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 7:17am by Tyler Coleman

The city of Phoenix is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the United States. This city is noted for being the birthplace of many noted politicians including: John McCain and Barry Goldwater. Along with its political ties, this region is well known for it beautiful landscapes and large statues and building. The history of this city is just as vast as the noted cultural references that it draws from. Many Native American reservations are still found within the Phoenix area. For a family planning on making a trip to Phoenix in January should be aware of the climate and change in temperature.

What to wear in Phoenix in January

Weather of Phoenix in January

Phoenix in January may not be what most people are expecting when they come to a dry, desert climate. January being a winter month is one of the coldest months of the year. During the day time the average high temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius and an average low is around 9 degrees Celsius. With these cold temperatures it is very important to bring the right clothes on your vacations. If you bring the wrong clothes on a trip to Phoenix in January, your experience could be very unpleasant.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Phoenix in January?

Women Wear: Women should bring a few choices of jackets on their trip to Phoenix in January. This cold weather can be a bit unbearable to those who have never experienced it. For the day time a simple denim jacket can be a great option for a woman. If you choose not to wear a jacket, you can opt for a sweater that is made from heavy fabrics. Sweaters are great because they can be easily matched with your choice of bottoms from chinos to bell bottoms. At night a woman will definitely need a overcoat or trench coat to brace for the chilly cold air. Nightwear can be worn, but always with a overcoat of some kind.

Men Wear: Men should invest in a nice pair of jeans, chinos and denim pants for their trip to Phoenix in January. Being one of the coldest months of the year, it would be a good idea to bring long sleeves for men. Men should also bring a few options for pull overs and cardigans. If these options are not appeasing, a nice blazers with a v-neck underneath it will work incredibly well. Men should also bring an overcoat or trench coat for the night time. The brisk wind and drop in temperature may be too much for most people to stand.

Kids Wear: When considering what to wear in Phoenix in January, children should have a variety of clothing options. It is vitally important that kids be bundled up during their trip to Phoenix in January. Typically a good jacket would be enough, but it may be smart to bring along a pair of thermals. Thermals helps insulate body heat and keep young children warm. Along with the thermals a nice pair of sweatpants is a great option for young children(as they are comfortable and keep them warm). During the evening time, it is a good idea to dress your children in a leather jacket or overcoat. This will help keep them warm. As far as bottoms are concerned, denim pants should be a staple of a child’s wardrobe.

Footwear: Basic footwear should be brought to Phoenix in January. This includes: tennis shoes, boots for the cold and dress shoes for the evening. Boots are also good if you plan on doing any site seeing along one of the trails in Phoenix.

Accessories: Vitally important that you bring gloves on your trip. These will help keep your hands warm while you are out and about. Mitten gloves for the day and leather gloves for the night.


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