What to Wear in Pattaya

Posted on Aug 16 2013 - 9:31am by Tyler Coleman

Pattaya isn’t just known for its colorful beach culture, but also its bigger-than-life nightlife, too. The attractions in the city appeal to a wide spectrum of tourists as the city has it all. It caters to everybody’s interests and tastes with its religious monuments, tropical gardens, and underwater life – all the while holding its reputation of sin city. There is so much to do in Pattaya that you will fall short of time, so start preparing right now. With so much to offer, you must know what to wear in Pattaya so as to fit in at every place.

What to Wear in Pattaya

Weather of Pattaya

Pattaya has a hot weather all year round with an average peak temperature of 29 degrees Celsius. Its location near the top of Gulf of Thailand subjects it to three seasons mainly:

The Cool Season – It is basically winter season which kickstarts in November and ends by February. The season has perfect combination of pleasant temperatures and little rainfall. Average highs barely cross 30s while average lows are around 21 degrees Celsius. This is also the busiest time for the city as it is tourist season, so expect higher prices.

The Hot Season – The summer season, or also known as hot season in Pattaya, is during March, April, and May as average highs cross 33 degrees and lows hover around 27 degrees Celsius. Often it is scorching hot and sticky, making it a little uncomfortable and unpleasant. Rains do bring relief but only towards the end of April and May. Even the cool sea breeze doesn’t help much with high humidity.

The Rainy Season – Rains are intense between June and October and this downpour decreases the tourist rate in the city. However, it doesn’t rain cats and dogs and average highs can fluctuate in 30s during the day and between mid 20s during the night. It is still a good time to visit as most of the bars and beaches are less crowded.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Pattaya?

Pattaya is a beach town, so dress is very informal as a matter of fact, but different places require different clothing. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Going topless at the beach isn’t a good idea. So, a bikini or beachwear is must. Most of the people here dress in shorts and t-shirts, and you can go for the same. Shorts along with sheer shirts will also do. For the streets, tank-tops and skirts or shorts will do. Even evenings don’t require much of covering up. A simple light jacket would suffice. Temples would require conservative dresses like long pants along with shirts; else you might not be allowed to enter. You can also go for knee-length skirts with slacks and a top that covers the shoulders.

Men – You will see a lot of men roaming shirtless at the beach, in the streets almost everywhere! The Thai tolerate it but they aren’t very big on the shirtless scene. You can always go for a cotton shirt or a vest at least along with Bermuda shorts. Formals would depend on the hotel or place you are going to. Sometimes, a shirts and a trouser would be more than enough; at other places, you will need proper formals. For visiting temples, you will need to dress up conservatively in shirts and trousers.

Kids – Beachwear for the beach would, of course, be required. You can go for shorts and skirts along with polo-neck t-shirts and half-sleeve blouses. Carry a light jacket or sweater for evening purpose and slightly conservative clothes for temples. For entering the temples, girls can go for skirts along with slacks and half-sleeve tops, while boys can go for trousers along with shirts or t-shirts.

Footwear – Nobody really takes out the glam shoes here unless they are going clubbing or gambling or to some elite restaurants. Most of the people can be spotted in flip-flops and flats in the streets. For the sake of comfort and mixing in, you can go for the same.

Accessories – Sunglasses and sunscreen are definitely required along with hats. Carry an umbrella, in case of shower. Carry a backpack to keep your stuff but make sure to keep important stuff in your wallet.

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