What to Wear in Paris

Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 3:08pm by Tyler Coleman
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A trip to Paris is every Fashionista’s dream – after all the city is the Mecca of fashion world! Apart from fashion, this is a cultural hub, too. The city comes alive with a lot of activity and lots of people dressed nicely and almost impeccably. To blend with such a crowd, you will have to focus on your dressing, too, which will not be so difficult once you know what to wear in Paris. Here is something for everyone!

What to Wear in Paris

Weather of Paris

Paris’ weather is very unpredictable with hot summers and very cold winters. During autumn, the weather is a bit cooler with picturesque surroundings. Summer sees temperatures in the mid 20s with warm days and no relief at night. Winters witness a lot of rain and cooler temperatures with occasional sun. Spring brings a wave of pleasant weather and slight rain showers in the city.

What to Wear in Paris?

The thought of packing for Paris could be real trouble for most of you given that it is a cosmopolitan city and has a sophisticated and elegant style of dressing. You wouldn’t want to stand out as a slouchy tourist in Paris. To blend in with the French, you will have to make an effort of dressing up and accessorizing, too. One thing to be noted is that French are a little more formal than the rest of the people everywhere, so make sure your clothing choices reflect that. Here are some suggestions:

Women – French women are known everywhere for their impeccable sense of style; so, ladies, you will have to dress up a bit more than just shorts and jeans. Jeans are okay as long as they are slim-fit, dark, and worn with proper shoes. Knee-length skirts are also good options; you can go for A-line cuts, too, while the long ones that sweep the floor look chic. You can choose your look depending on your comfort. A simple monochrome dress is a must-have in Paris. For winter months, go for a leather jacket or a dark cardigan and a sweater.

Men – You wouldn’t want to be looked down when with your female counterparts; so, you have to take the pains of dressing up and going out in sweatpants is a faux pass in Paris. Take polo-neck t-shirts and pair them up with chinos or semi-formal pants during daytime. For going out during nights, pack a crisp white shirt and a black one, too, along with neutral-hued trousers and pants. If visiting in autumn or winters, pack a blazer or a leather jacket or a woolen sweater.

Kids – Go for dark skirts and floral slacks with them or you can also pair them up with neutral tops. Boys can go for T-shirts along with washed-out denims in dark colors. Don’t go too bright on colors as people there prefer monochromes and neutral shades. So, you can pack kids’ dresses in dark or neutral colors. Keep some sweaters and jackets, too!

Footwear – Crocs or tennis socks, especially with socks is a strict no! Same goes for UGG boots. As it is a walking city, you will require comfortable footwear, like sneakers, but make sure they are not too funky or neon or for heaven’s sake metallic! Remember, the city has got some class, so go for flat ballerinas (every Parisian woman has them). You can also go for boots or booties, loafers, brogues, or heels, too. A lot of women there wear heels as everyday shoes. Ankle boots in studded and wedged style are currently in vogue. At every point in time, you have to make sure that you do not miss on class!

Accessories – If you are going to Paris, you’ve got to have a bag and lots of scarves. You can experiment with tote, shoulder bags and messenger bags, as Paris gives you a chance to be whimsical about your accessories. Also, make sure they are not gaudy and are logo-free, too. You can go for Hermes or Chanel as people are big on that. You can also top off your outfit with a fedora or a beret. If going for simple clothes, wear a statement necklace or a bold cuff. Do not forget to carry umbrellas.