What to Wear in Paris in Winters

Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 4:32pm by Tyler Coleman

Winter is festival time in Paris as the city bursts out of its sleepy autumn quiet and puts on a new environment. The city lights up during winters, quite literally actually! Since it is Christmas time, you will see trees strung with shimmering light up and down the Champs – Elysees and at many other places. An ice skating rink is set up outside the Paris City Hall and the entire city springs up with Christmas markets with warm wood-roofed booths, hot wine, pretty decorations, and gifts. So, take all your time indulging in all these treats and sipping in the beauty of Paris and while you are at it, make sure you are dressed like Parisians. To know how, read this article about what to wear in Paris in winters.

What to Wear in Paris in Winters

Weather of Paris in Winters

The location of France on Europe’s Atlantic coast means its weather is affected by oceanic disturbances. Hence, Paris has an oceanic and a temperate climate with cold winters and hot summers. The distinctions between various seasons are remarkable, but the city does not bear witness to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Winters are cold in Paris, and January being the coldest month sees highest temperature to be 6 degrees Celsius while minimum can dip to zero or 1 degree, too. It can fall below freezing, but rarely does and very less often during daytime. Even the sun doesn’t come out as much and you will get only 2 hours of sunshine on an average while it rains a lot. You can expect 17-18 days of rain in the winter months. However, these are slight drizzles and very rarely you will see a proper shower. Snow does fall but it is very uncommon – but when it does, it leaves the surroundings even more beautiful.

What to Wear in Paris in Winters?

Winter is the one time of the year when you bring out all your scarves and wear one dress over the other and still look every bit chic. Especially if it is Paris, the more effort you make to remain subtle, the more edgy you look. Here are some suggestions:

Women – It is a good idea to wear layers during winter months, so pack long-sleeve tops, a few sweaters and a few t-shirts to wear underneath your woolens. Also, go for heavy fitted jackets and wear full-sleeve blouses underneath them. If you are packing skirts, makes sure you have woolen slacks to wear underneath. Also, pack dark skinny jeans; they will be your ultimate savior in cold weather. Also invest in a peacoat or a duffle coat; they will go with everything from jeans to a dress.

Men – There is this thing called ‘too casual’ in France and if you are a tourist, you wouldn’t want to land with the wrong foot. So dress smartly and leave your ‘too casual’ clothes like sweatshirts and sweatpants at home. Bring semi-formal shirts that can be buttoned down and layer them with leather jackets and trousers. You can also go for shirts and trousers paired with chesterfield coats or blazers that fit well. A coat is also a good option.

Kids – The rule of thumb is to pack in layers. Invest in good thermals that will also keep their body warm. You can then pack full-sleeve t-shirts and tops along with cashmere cardigans or fleece. Also pack skin-fit jeans or woolen slacks with skirts, and if going for dresses, make sure you pack an overcoat. Also pack waterproof jackets since you never know when you encounter a short spell in Paris.

Footwear – Boots are the way to go, beside they will look good when worn over skin fit jeans. You can go for waterproof boots or leather as they are optimal and durable. For extra warmth, go for shoes that have a warm inner lining of wool. Faux leather does a similar job. Avoid sneakers, as French women are not big on them.

Accessories – The advantage of accessorizing in winters is that they not only add to your outfit but provide warmth too. You can pack cashmere or silk scarves in long and short sizes and in different colors and tie up in various ways. Also go for knitted or leather gloves. A hat and a bag is must, too.

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