What to Wear in Paris in Summer

Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 3:40pm by Tyler Coleman

The entire city of Paris comes alive and is brimming with activity during summers. A vacation in Paris during summer is like a dream come true, so make sure you are dressed aptly for every occasion – just like the Parisians. This article will tell you what to wear in Paris in summers so you can easily blend in with them and not shout out loud that I am a ‘tourist’! Here we go!

What to Wear in Paris in Summer

Weather of Paris in Summer

The climate of Paris is oceanic and temperate with warm summers and cold winters. The seasons are remarkably distinct; however, neither witness extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures. It also experiences steady and moderate amount of rainfall throughout the year. The city is also known for sudden showers.

Summer season is generally warm in Paris with occasional occurrence of heat waves. Peak summer time is July and August when the temperature reaches the mid 20s. At night, too, it doesn’t fall much. Like the rest of France, Paris experiences summer heat waves when the temperature soars up to mid 30s. This can create an ambience of light discomfort, especially at night. If you look at the bright side, though, the city comes alive during summers with a festive atmosphere, fine food and wine can be enjoyed from evening to night. This is a city of culture, so be prepared to encounter crowd involved in summer sightseeing.

What to Wear in Paris in Summer?

The city of Paris is synonymous with ‘chic’ and formal. This is a stylish city and it always helps to be dressed up a bit more to get better treatment. So, make sure you are dressed up to ‘stand out’ and not ‘stick out’ as a tourist. A careful packing will help you do exactly that.

Women – Remember the most important tip of packing is to go for clothes that are flattering for you, meaning clothes that compliment your body type. Parisians are fashionable, but they do wear clothes with a modest edge. So while packing, go for classic pieces that look good on you and then you can mix and match trendy items. Bring a lot of neutral-colored skirts and dresses in light fabrics and then add accessories to glam the look. Leave shorts and figure-hugging tops at home. Go for hip-length and loose tunics and T-shirts. You can also go for sheer fabric in nude, peach and coral shades. Go for pants in light colors. If pants are way too much for you, go for Capris. Avoid shorts as much as you can.

Men – Keep your look simple and subtle with nice jeans and manpris (male version of Capri pants). You can also go for linen or cotton shirts with collars to make a cool impression while looking good. Go for pants in neutral tones and button-down shirts. Stripes are always in Paris. Also make sure your pants are hemmed.

Kids – Children and young people are dressed more in an American manner but try to maintain a class. Stay away from hoodies and sweatpants, though. You can go for skirts with slacks and T-shirts in loose fabric. Khaki pants and Capris are good options, too. Children can go for shorts along with tank- or tube-tops, but make sure they are not neon or with some really bright floral patterns.

Footwear – Guys, make sure you have nice black shoes for evenings and yeah no sports shoes! Go for Pumas instead. Leather flats and sandals will be required for both. You can go for wedging heels, too, as many women wear them in Paris on an everyday basis, but since you will have to do a lot of walking, we suggest you go for flat ballerinas or wellies. No crocs or sandals with socks in Paris!

Accessories – There is no way you can do well without a scarf or two in Paris. It adds instant glam to any outfit. A bright scarf is must-have for every light outfit you have. You can also go for bold or statement jewelry. Pack a light windbreaker for cool nights and an umbrella for daytime thunderstorms. You will need a tote/handbag, too, while in Paris. Also pack a hat or a beret and sunscreen.

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