What to Wear in Paris in September

Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 3:31pm by Tyler Coleman

September is just the perfect month in the city of lights to bounce back from summer vacation mode with people getting back to their works and shops reopening, etc. This is also the time when the peak tourist season this out and air and hotels lower tier fares which makes it just about perfect to explore the city. September also has a nice weather with the laid back summer vacation ambience still in the air and most of Parisians are back in the city which gives you a perfect mix of fun and authenticity. This is also a good time for those who hate cramped places and avoid going out during summer vacations.  This is an ideal time to enjoy the autumn festival and enjoy a cruise on the seine river or in Paris canals and waterways. Overall, September is the city’s de facto nouvel an. To make the best of your vacations, we give you some tips on what to wear in Paris in September. These will make you achieve the perfect Parisian look, more or less.

What to Wear in Paris in September

Weather of Paris in September

September brings some relief from harsh summers of July and August. While it is still warm in September, the temperatures dip down to more autumn level and are manageable. The autumn weather here is quite similar to spring with mild days and cooler nights and a temperate weather. However, as you can guess, the weather being affected by oceanic changes is also quite unpredictable and changes within minutes, sometimes becoming unreasonably warm or cool. The average high during September is 21 degrees Celsius while it drops down to an average of 12 degrees minimum. This is also the time of reduced sunshine with only 6 hours each day on an average and you can also expect a lot of rain in September. The cooler weather has an advantage, too; it means lesser tourists than usual, giving you open spaces and lots of time to explore the city.

What to Wear in Paris in September?

While in Paris, do as the Parisians do, and that includes dressing up like them! Here are some suggestions on how to ace the chic Parisian look.

Women – The ladies of Paris love displaying their feminity all the while maintaining their modesty. Stripes and black are mainstays in Paris. They are not only elegant but safe choices. You can go for sundresses or tops with stripes paired with skinny jeans. Remember, no baggy jeans in Paris. If shorts are what you prefer, make sure you wear tights or stockings underneath them. They will not only protect you from windy days and evenings, but will also provide a modest look. If going for belted dresses, which are a great choice too, you can wear leggings underneath. Jumpsuits are edgy and chic, but since it can get cold, go for pant jumpsuits; they look feminine and can be accessorized with tailored blazers or jackets for added sophistication. Layering your look will also do wonders.

Men – A navy blue jacket or tailored blazer is must for you. You will see a lot of men wearing them in the streets. Also, don’t pack sweaters in loud or bright colors; Parisians are known for their subtlety. Classic whites and blacks always work wonders. A crisp white shirt paired with khaki pants along with a jacket will look chic and classy. You can also go for shirts in neutral shades and pair them up with dark trousers. Also pack a few formal shirts along with semi-formal pants. They will always come to your rescue no matter you are going out for dinner or just sightseeing.

Kids – The weather gets cold sometimes and at times it gets too warm, so pack according to both. The best way is to pack in layers. Full-sleeve tops paired with skinny jeans and jackets will be good enough for weather and creating a perfect look.  Keep light sweaters and jackets.

Footwear – Go for boots during this weather or shoes that are comfortable. Avoid heels as long as you are not dining out or clubbing.

Accessories – Scarves and bags are French women’s must-haves. Men, too, carry bags here! Also slip in a pair of sunglasses and a sunscreen and a chic hat, too!

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