What to Wear in Paris in October

Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 3:23pm by Tyler Coleman

If you are a fall person, a visit to Paris in October is must for you. You are bound to fall in love with orange and yellow leaves at the Jardin du Luxembourg as you enjoy this transitional period of transition and release. It gets slightly cold in October, but it is ideal for reading in warm cafes and the meditative strolls in the crisp and clear air and then there are incomparable dusk and dawn in picturesque setting. What’s not to love in Paris during this time?  This is also the time for low-key vacations with lesser rates and crowds. To make sure, you blend in well with the Parisians, here are some tips on what to wear in Paris in October.

What to Wear in Paris in October

Weather of Paris in October

The October weather in Paris is generally damp and chilly with a minimum temperature of 9 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 16 degrees. Rain is very common and frequent during October; hence, we suggest indoor activities during this month, such as visiting exhibits and museums. Though temperatures do not dip to nearly freezing conditions, it is still quite cool and bringing winter gear is advisable.

What to Wear in Paris in October?

People in Paris love subdued colors. Anything will work here as long as it’s not too loud and bright. Modesty is the key to dressing up in Paris and here are some suggestions on how to do the same.

Women – October is autumn season in Paris and weather is quite like it’s in March, but at the same time it is unpredictable, too. So, if you are going for sundresses and belted dresses, you will have to bring warm slacks, too, to protect yourself from the cold weather. Also bring a classic piece of cardigan or a shawl that you can wear over your dresses. Layering is essential here. Skinny jeans are always in, but in dark colors. Full-sleeve tops can be worn with jackets and tailored blazers. You can also go for trench coats.

Men – You can go casual with a T-shirt, but make sure it has not embroidered or even worse, shimmery! Keep T-shirts in subdued colors without any quotes or loud designs and layer them with leather jackets or blazers. You will see that a lot of men wear blue blazers here; you too can bring one to blend with them. Striped shirts are always in vogue and when paired with pants in dark colors, you can achieve a classy look. To survive October in Paris, you will definitely need a sweater and a blazer. Go for beige, black and navy blue colors. Polo shirts are good during the day but a nice button down is absolutely important along with a dark corduroy jacket. Trench coats are also suggested.

Kids – To make sure that October weather doesn’t get to your kids, pack in layers for them. Polo shirts along with skin-fit jeans are just perfect for both boys and girls. You can layer them up with sweaters and jackets. Blazers are good options, too. If going for skirts or shorts, make sure you have warm leggings or slacks underneath. Since it can rain, you can keep raincoats.

Footwear – One pair of shoes that every French woman owns is flat ballets! They are not only pretty and elegant but also comfortable. They will let you walk the city with ease and they fall in dressy category, too! Avoid sneakers and white sports shoes, not just in clubs but everywhere. Men can go for Oxford shoes or nice looking Rockport will also do. As it might rain, bring a pair of rubber boots!

Accessories – Accessories can make you look ‘put together’ and save you from looking sloppy. So, take time to accessorize well with scarves and jewelry. You will see a variety of scarves in Paris, long and short, silk and cotton, everything! Just take your pick and let them do the talking. A handbag is also must, ladies can go for a tote or shoulder bag while men can go for messenger bags; a lot of men there carry them. You can also go for nice hats like fedora or a beret. Also, do not forget your trench coat and an umbrella.

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