What to Wear in Paris in November

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 6:26am by Tyler Coleman
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Paris during November is a quiet and competitive city. The days get shorter, and temperatures take a dip; tourist number, too, takes a dip. Despite all this, a November visit to Paris is especially suggested if you love the indoor delights, like extraordinary museums of Paris, charming arthouse movie theatres and the amazing churches and cathedrals of Paris. It does not end here; you get to laze around sipping coffee at café crèmes and gaze out of the blustery frosty window or read a good book. You get the city all for yourself, and even the airfares are low during this season. Since tourist numbers dwindle during this time, you will have to put in efforts to mix up with the Parisians. That will only come when you know what to wear in Paris in November.

What to Wear in Paris in November

Weather of Paris in November

November sees mercury taking a dip with a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and rising only up to 10 degrees. It is windy and chilly and rainy, too. It does not fall below freezing, though, or in fact it does not fall down to extreme winter temperature. It is not exactly autumn; it is more of late autumn and early winter scenario, but if you are ready for the cold weather, you will love what Paris has to offer.

What to Wear and How to Dress in Paris in November?

November is a fall season in Paris and the entire fashion industry come alive with a plethora of new designs and fashion. But, even if you are not going to a fashion show, there is nothing wrong in being a trendsetter of your own.

Women – Everyone around the city would be donning their best outfits, and you would not want to stand out as a sloppy tourist; you need to dress smartly. So, consider bringing good clothes and leave the shorts at home. The weather is also going to be a little cooler than previous months so pack light jackets and sweaters, too. A button-down black cardigan is a classic piece in Paris. It is still not cold enough for coats. You can bring dark skinny jeans and pair them with full-sleeved blouses and tight jackets. Long and loose tunics with warm leggings or slacks and a bright scarf would give just the perfect fall look. A trench can also be packed because you never know when it might rain.

Men – Paris men are quite fashionable, too, and their clothes are at par with women. While runways are filled with men in metrosexual avatars, we suggest you play it safe with a hint of subtlety. A button-down shirt with trousers in fitting sizes is must-haves for men. Also, make sure don’t pack clothes in too bright colors. In case you are confused about colors, you may go for autumn shades and wear them with contrasting colors. November also sees a fall in temperatures, so pack jackets and sweaters, too. A well-fitting blazer in navy blue can also be packed along with a waterproof gear, like a trench coat or a windbreaker.

Kids – The best way to pack for your kids is to pack in layers. Skirts paired with warm leggings and a heavy jacket would be a perfect fashion statement for girls. Skin-fit jeans with loose tops can be layered with sweaters and jackets. Consider packing leather jackets for both. You can pack tunics, too, but layer them with slacks, jackets, and scarves.

Footwear – Boots are perfect for this season as they not only look good with leggings and jeans, but are comfortable, too. Men can go for leather shoes, but given the rains here, we suggest going for waterproof shoes. Formal shoes with cuffed trousers create quite a statement.

Accessories – You can go bright with accessories and add glam to your otherwise dull attire. Consider packing scarves in silk and cotton and carry stylish bags, too. However, keep only one bright item at a time to avoid any faux pas. Also add a dash of glam with stylish sunglasses and hats. A pair of gloves will make commuting throughout the city a little easier. Also pack an umbrella or a waterproof jacket with a hood which are travel essentials during this season.