What to Wear in Paris in July

Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 3:16pm by Tyler Coleman

You are in for a ride if you are headed to Paris in July. This is the time Paris puts its best postcard face forward emanating a lot of exuberance and brimming with activity. While tourist season is at its peak, the city is swarming with people everywhere from museums to shopping avenues. This is also an ideal month for experiencing a boat tour of the Seine or Paris canals and waterways. The city moves at its own languid pace in July and people are out and about strolling in the streets. So, to mix up with such a crowd, make sure you are dressed like Parisians. All you need to know is what to wear in Paris in July.

What to Wear in Paris in July

Weather of Paris in July

July is a peak summer month with temperatures going as high as in the mid 20s, and with occasional heat waves, they can rise to mid 30s, too. This is a particularly warm month and even the nights are not much cooler. Rainfall levels are moderate but you can always encounter an occasional rainfall in Paris. Sometimes, there are thunderstorms, too. In spite of the rain and thunderstorms, you can experience pretty good sunshine levels in the city and explore it while it comes alive with activity and tourists.

What to Wear in Paris in July?

When pondering over what to wear in Paris, remember that the city is tailored chic in style yet a little conservative with an edge. People here love the neutral colors and strictly adhere to the rule of no more than 3 colors in their dresses. To avoid looking like a tourist in the streets of Paris, try to dress up like the locals. Here are some suggestions:

Women – July is summertime in Paris and during this season people embrace simple and classic styles. You can pack tank-tops, sundresses and relaxed pants or a light blazer to wear on a breezy day. You will find lots of colors in the streets, but none too loud. People go for light colors and then mix and match them. You can pack a long maxi dress or sundresses. Try to avoid shorts as you will hardly see French women in them. Go for neutral-hued pants and mix and match them with bold accessories and scarves. Black and white fashion are always in. You can also go for loose-fitting T-shirts and wear them with skinny jeans and Capris.

Men – Nothing too casual or too gaudy! A half-sleeve T-shirt in a neutral shade paired with Bermuda shorts is the limit of casual in Paris. Anything beyond it will be considered a faux pass. You can opt for trousers and pants in dark and neutral shades and pair them with complementary collared shirts, but make sure your trousers are hemmed. Chances are that you will not need a tie unless you are out on a business trip. You can also go for denims in dark color and washed out styles. You can also keep a light jacket for cool evening breeze.

Kids – Black and white is always in vogue in Paris, so you can mix and match your kids’ clothes to fit the norms. Go for t-shirts in light or neutral colors and pair them with shorts or jeans in darker colors. You can also go for skirts and slacks. Bermuda shorts are a good option, too. For boys, you can keep collared shirts that can be buttoned down.

Footwear – Since it is walking city, you, too, will have to do your share of walking. As it is summertime, gladiator sandals and espadrille wedges are quite in rave. You can also go for ankle boots in wedges. Don’t roam around in your workout shoes; they scream tourists from every angle. Sneakers are to be avoided if they are neon or metallic or too funky. Remember to keep it classy by going for flat ballerinas loafers and brogues. Keep stilettos for restaurants only.

Accessories – A bag in messenger or tote style is must-have for both genders. Also accessorize your clothes with scarves of different colors. You can go whimsical on hats and berets. A trendy pair of sunglasses is also required and so is sunscreen.

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