What to Wear in Paris in January

Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 2:40pm by Tyler Coleman
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No matter how cold it gets, the wonderful and exciting vibe of the city of Paris never goes missing. Paris offers you a lot to see and do during every month. Apart from the sightseeing and museums and restaurants it is the time of January sales. Yes, you read that right! You can shop till you drop and bargain as much as you want in one of the most stylish cities the world. Just make sure you carry enough of empty cases and pack as less as possible. Read on to know more on what to wear in Paris in January.

What to Wear in Paris in January

Weather of Paris in January

Needless to say it is winter in Paris so the weather would be quite cold. January, being the coldest month of the year just adds to dropping mercury. The average daytime highs are 6 degrees Celsius which drop down to lows of 1 degree Celsius. As you can see, it is pretty cold but temperature doesn’t fall below freezing often. Temperatures also dip during night, so it is best to stay indoors or pack warmly while stepping out. Paris also has a reputation of being a wet and windy city so don’t be astonished to see sudden down pours. The average amount of sunshine during this month is 2 hours daily.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Paris in January?

January is pretty cold here, so you will need to stuff a lot of warm clothes. Pack clothes that are edgy, chic and of course warm! Here are some suggestions:

Women – Parisian women have an innate fashion sense and a style. So when you want to fit in just think about simplicity, understated elegance and comfort. Blacks are always in and so are neutrals. Women generally refrain from loud or bright colors and opt for rather neutral and darker shades. Warm black slacks will be your mainstay along with dark colored denims and jeans. Also pack a black overcoat with some layers of light cardigans.

Men – Men here take their fashion rather seriously. And if you want to fit in here then leave your rugged jeans and sloppy t-shirts at home. Best is to stick to shirts in dark and neutral colors and pair them with trousers in mainstay color (which is black). Also pack some light jackets and sweaters to act as layers under an overcoat. A trench coat can also be packed given how erratic rains here are.

Kids – Warm black slacks, denims in dark colors along with t-shirts and shirts in warm fabrics and neutral colors can be packed. You can pack some cardigans or woolen sweaters too. Leather jackets and coats will also work well.

Footwear – People here will never be caught in athletic shoes unless they are jogging. Boots of all kinds are big in Paris. Women can be spotted in wellingtons and knee-length boots too. Men go for Italian shoes no matter the weather.

Accessories – Sunglasses will be needed along with indispensible colorful scarves and woolen gloves. A big and designer bag is also required.