What to Wear in Paris in February

Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 2:44pm by Tyler Coleman
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If there could be anything better than shopping in the most stylish city in the world- that would only be romancing, dancing and strolling in the same city during Valentine’s month. As the snow begins to show signs of thaw, the city wakes up from winter gloom and doom and welcomes locals and tourists alike. With Valentine’s Day around the corner it is also a perfect excuse to indulge in fabulous dinners, dancing and of course feeling the air of romance in the city. And in case you are single, the city has a lot of events going on during February. Just make sure you are aptly packed so that you have a perfect time there. Read on to know more what to wear in Paris in February.

What to Wear in Paris in February

Weather of Paris in February

February is still chilly in Paris and just like January it still snows and rains but only during the first two weeks. The average daytime highs are 8 degrees Celsius which drop down to lows of 3 degrees Celsius. Though you are unlikely to see heavy rains in this month, but the city is known for its erratic and sudden downpours so always be ready with an umbrella.

What to Wear and how to pack for Paris in February?

During February, the weather shows improvement but it is still pretty cold. You will need a lot of warm clothes to brace the cold. Here are some suggestions:

Women – When packing for winters in Paris there is only one thing to take care of- pack a lot of black and similar shades. You can choose black as the base and then mix it with one or two neutrals like cream or grey. Also pack warm black slacks and black jeans, almost every French women wears them during winters. Also pack leggings to pair with sweaters, blouses and jackets and t-shirts to wear underneath your layers. As the winters here are cold and blustery, you will still need an overcoat.

Men – Paris streets are full of fashionable men and can be spotted in casual as well as business attire. Start with a formal black shirt or you can mix and match neutrals shades with darker ones. Pack some lightweight sweaters and jackets to layer with a thick overcoat. A blazer will also work along with warm trousers and button down shirt.

Kids – Warm black slacks, denims in dark colors along with t-shirts and shirts in warm fabrics and neutral colors can be packed. You can pack some cardigans or woolen sweaters, too. Leather jackets and coats will also work well.

Footwear – If there is something every Parisian has, it is a pair of boots. Boots become a common sight in winters. Women can be spotted in wellingtons and ankle booties with black leggings which look absolutely classy! Men can go for Italian or suede shoes but no trainers or sneakers.

Accessories – Scarves of all sorts from cashmere to silk and woolen can be spotted on almost every French girl and without one you will feel out of place. Also carry a chic pair of sunglasses and a nice oversized tote.