What to Wear in Paris in December

Posted on Jul 19 2013 - 7:56am by Tyler Coleman
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With a lot of cheer and festive spirit in the air, Paris in December comes out of its autumn slumber and lights up. You will see trees strung with garlands of shimmering lights everywhere, be it Champ Elysees or Paris City Hall. It’s not just the trees; the entire city owns up to its reputation of being the city of lights and December is the time you will know why. Paris in December is fairly relaxed, which makes it an ideal time to visit the city and its various sights and museums. There are also Chanukah celebrations like menorah lightings and the inevitable Christmas air. So, to make sure you get the best out of your December vacation, you must mingle with the crowds and for that you will need to know what to wear in Paris in December so that you don’t stick out as a tourist.

What to Wear in Paris in December

Weather of Paris during December

Cold, rainy, and icy – that is how the weather of Paris in December is! Though it is not as cold as in January, but cold enough! It can fall below zero degrees or below freezing but not very often and rarely in daytime. Sunshine levels are not quite appreciable, being limited to two hours each day, and then there are rains which are very frequent. Though there are no heavy showers, but drizzles leave the surroundings even cooler. Snow is sometimes seen but is quite uncommon; and when it does, it melts even before hitting the ground, which turns into a sludgy slush and can be irritating and dangerous, too. The chilly winds can make the cold seem even more biting. But, a clear, crisp winter day can make the city look even more beautiful and you will realize it only when you are there.

What to Wear in Paris in December?

Before you start tossing in clothes and stuff in your suitcase, do bear in mind that the weather in Paris is chilly and cool, so packing in layers would be a smart decision. Here are some suggestions on what else you can pack:

Women – Parisian women are known for their innate fashion sense and effortless style, and winter is just about perfect to don various outfits and still look every bit Fashionista. You can still take your jeans with you, but no baggies allowed! You will feel out of place among impeccably-dressed French ladies in Paris. Go for woolen slacks and leggings which can be worn beneath warm tunics and tops and skirts. You will not feel out of place in black. If nothing else comes to mind, start packing everything in black. Skinny black jeans and leggings will look good when paired with sweaters, jackets, and blouses. You can also go for gray or navy blue. An overcoat or a trench coat is must for extra cold days. Coats are always in style. Warm pant suits paired with chic and tailored blazers look great, too, but keep them for sunny days only.

Men – The evergreen rule of black applies to men, too, but you will see a lot of men in navy blue coats and blazers, too. You can pick your cue from there. T-shirts with jeans can be worn with a fitting jacket and a sweater on a warm sunny day. For going out at night, you will need an overcoat at least (preferably black). A button-down shirt and formal pants are also important. For a less cool day, you can go for chesterfield coats and jackets paired with shirts and jeans. Pack an all-weather overcoat or a trench coat with a zip out lining.

Kids – The only thing to be kept in mind while packing for kids is to pack in layers. You can pack T-shirts and shirts along with woolen sweaters and leather jackets and small coats. For girls, you can also go for woolen slacks and cardigans.

Footwear – Leather boots worn over the skin-fit jeans are a pretty common sight in Paris, so pack your boots for winters. Keep the heels only for restaurants and nightclubs. For the rains, keep rubber boots.

Accessories – Pack an umbrella and gloves for the winter season. Almost every French woman owns scarves; you will need them too. Sunglasses and hats are important part of the culture, too!