What to Wear in Paris in August

Posted on Jul 19 2013 - 7:47am by Tyler Coleman
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Paris isn’t exactly Paris in August as most of the locals abandon the city during summer months and flee for the beaches of the Cote d’Azur and the Atlantic Coast and the city falls under the reign of tourists and visitors from other lands. In short, you have the entire city to yourself! During August, the city becomes laid back, festive and deprived of its metropolitan stress levels; in short, it becomes a tourists’ playground. You can have the city to yourself (along with hordes of other visitors). You will not come across stressed commuters as they are replaced by cheerful vacationers. Activities like biking and rollerblading become even more pleasant during this time and overall you will love the playful and pleasant ambiance of Paris during August, even if it lacks authenticity. So, in order not to appear as a sloppy tourist, all you need is a little knowledge of what to wear in Paris in August and you are sure to get better treatment at local stores.

What to Wear in Paris in August

Weather of Paris during August

The temperate and oceanic climate of Paris makes it a place with warm summers and cold winters. Though there is a marked difference between major seasons, the temperatures do not vary to extremes. Rains are a common feature of August weather and are often accompanied with erratic thunderstorms and heavy showers. Paris is generally warm and muggy in August with temperatures soaring up to 24 degrees Celsius and even more at times. You can feel a little uncomfortable in such heat, but the best you can do is to be prepared for the weather and lots of crowds and even more walking. As mentioned, rains are very frequent but despite the rains, sunshine levels are pretty good, too. To sum up, it will be hot in August but you should brace yourself for some rain and some cool evening breeze, too.

What to Wear in Paris in August?

Though the streets will be full of tourists and a pack of vacationers, nobody is really going to notice what you are wearing. But to stand out and not appear as a sloppy tourist, you can take a few precautions and dress modestly. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Paris fashion tends to be basic but very elegant and tailored chic! You can never go wrong with a little blacks and crèmes and whites. The only thing to pay attention is to avoid quirky at all costs. To dress up in the summer, pack summer dresses. You can also go for long maxis as they will be perfect for cool evenings, too. Belted tunics will also be good. You can go for skirts in floral prints and polka dots if you prefer (they are never out of fashion). Indian prints on tops are also in; just don’t go for the whole nine yards. Avoid miniskirts and extra-short shorts! You will notice that people here bare only up to their knees; so, skirts are a good option. You can go for jumpsuits, too, as they look very chic.

Men – Since tourists are all you will see around, you can go a little casual. When talking about a casual, think of non-logo shirts and pants. Jeans are fine but they can be a little heavy during summers. The shirts are essential in every weather and you can go for button-down shirts in neutral shades as they work well everywhere. Pack pants in cotton and khaki.

Kids – Kids can go for jumpsuits with floral patterns. Jeans are way too heavy for this weather, so avoid them altogether. When packing, make sure you pack their clothes in light fabrics, such as cotton or khaki. Tops and shirts will also do well given they are not very bright in colors.

Footwear – Pack open- and closed-toe shoes as both will be required for sightseeing and walking around and in case it rains. Keep a pair of heels for nightclubs or dining out. Men can go for leather or suede shoes.

Accessories – Keep silk and cotton scarves to accessorize your clothes. Bags are musts, too, as they will not only hold your stuff but will also compliment your clothes. Do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses and hats, of course!