What to Wear in Paris in April

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 4:26am by Tyler Coleman
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Paris is a beautiful city full of a variety of different events, venues and locations that will stimulate your senses. Millions of people from all over the world travel to Paris every years to spend the Spring time in this beautiful city. For anyone considering traveling to Paris, April is one of the best months to do so. During this time the weather and climate of this city are pretty stable and offer you a tons of things to do. Before you pay for your plane ticket and book your hotel, it is important to know a little bit about the city.

What to Wear in Paris in April

Weather in Paris in April

One of the first things to consider before coming to Paris in April is the weather and climate of this city. Paris during April is still fairly with a nice pair of chilly, but shows signs of warming up during the spring months. During this month you should not expect too much rainfall, with an average of two inches per month. The average highs of Paris in April is around 15 degrees Celsius and the lows are about 7 degrees Celsius. The climate of Paris is oceanic, so expect some chilly winds especially if you visit the beaches in the city.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Paris in April

Many travelers to Paris in April make a very big mistake by not packing correctly for their trip. This can lead to a very unpleasant time. Also, you do not want to shop for clothes in Paris, a new outfit or a new jacket may cost twice as much as it may cost in the US. It is important to pack warm clothing for this trip as you will experience some brisk winds while in Paris. However, do not be afraid to bring some comfortable clothes as well.

Women: What to Wear

Women should pack long sleeve shirts and button down shirts for this trip. Both of these fashion styles are great for the Paris climate and weather. The long sleeve shirts should be made from comfortable, but warm materials such as: wool and cotton. A button down shirt is perfect for walking around Paris while doing some sight seeing. This shirt can go perfectly with a nice pair of Carpi pants or skinny jeans. For a more comfortable look you can wear a short sleeve button shirt with a light jacket on top of it.

Women during the night time should bundle up with layers of clothing. One great outfit idea would be a nice sweater with a nice pair of black denim jeans. The sweater and denim jeans will add some comfort, style and warmth to your wardrobe. Most importantly you want to bring a few jackets that will go well with winter outfits. Leather jackets and pea coats are two great options for those that are looking for a more stylish option for their clothes. During the evening time you can wear a nice dress to a nightclub as long as you wear a coat over it.

Men: What to Wear

Men should bring changes of clothing for both the day time as well as the night. A nice pair of slack during the day time will work well with just about any top that you want to wear with it. This can include a dress shirt, sweater or a nice jacket. A great jacket option would be a nice denim jacket with a nice pair of denim pants. This can be worn with a V-neck or crew neck white T shirt. This will help keep you warm during the chilly days.

During the night time it is good to bring a heavy overcoat that you can wear over your clothing. One of the best outfit options for men is a nice cardigan with a button down shirt underneath. This option is perfect as it can be worn with a nice tie or with the top button unbuttoned. If you are not a big fan of cardigans you can wear a nice dressy vest over the top of your dress shirt. This can add some flair to a black or white button up shirt. A blazer can be worn during the evening time as well especially with a nice V neck shirt and some nice dark washed jeans.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids should bundle up during the trip to Paris in April. Kids have a variety of different clothing options available to them. In the daytime it is a good idea for kids to wear pants, or jeans to keep them warm. Many kids are wearing skinny jeans with thermal tops. This outfit option is perfect for walking around the city of Paris in April. This stylish outfit can be worn with a nice jacket or windbreaker. Young girls should wear leggings underneath a skirt to help keep them warm.

Footwear: What to Wear

Footwear to bring with you to the trip in Paris, is a nice pair of trainers. There are a variety of great trainers that you could wear, that are comfortable, stylish and can be worn with any outfit that you wear. These shoes are also great for walking around the city of Paris during April. Boots are another option that you want to consider as they are both comfortable as well as incredibly stylish. Boots can be worn by men, women and kids. The boots are perfect for walking through the rain and keeping your feet dry.

Accessories: What to Wear

Accessories to bring with you include an umbrella. Umbrellas may not be needed during your trip to Paris, but they are a great accessory to bring with you. Paris in April does not experience that much rainfall, but it can last for a few hours. Bringing a umbrella can be the difference between having a great time in Paris, and simply staying inside your hotel. Finally a nice pair of leather gloves can help keep your hands warm as well as look stylish.

Paris: Events in April

The great thing about visiting Paris in April is the plethora of different events that are available to you. Easter is a huge holiday in almost every country in the world! When visiting Paris in April you can take part in their Easter celebrations and festivities. Your children can participate in local Easter egg hunts, while you enjoy great music, dancing and fun. Paris also host an amazing Earth day during the month of April. You can plant trees and shrubbery in different parks and help add to the beauty of this city.

Paris Things to Do in April

Paris is one of the best thing about this city is all of the things that there is to do. One great thing to do is visiting the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is known as a great visiting hotspot that all visitors to Paris have to visit. The Eiffel Tower has been around for hundreds of years and stands as one of the historical and cultural centers of Paris. During the evening time is the best time to visit Eiffel Tower as it lights up and can be seen from miles around. This is definitely a romantic spot for couples.