What to Wear in Paris, France

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 5:49am by Tyler Coleman
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Packing for Paris should not be too hard unless you are thinking of Bermuda shorts and white tennis shoes, in which case you need to read this article. Paris is a chic tailored and edgy city when it comes to fashion, and like every other cosmopolitan city, people here dress smartly and formally. Casual is not really a style in Paris. So, in case you are fretting over what to wear in Paris, France, here is what you need.

What to Wear in Paris, France

Weather of Paris, France

Paris has a temperate climate which is warm in summers and cool in winters. It is mainly affected by oceanic disturbances from the Atlantic Ocean. Though the temperatures never fall to extremes, it can still get way too cold or hot. It rarely snows, but when it does, it melts even before hitting the ground.  Rains are a frequent feature of Paris weather, and it would be foolish to step out of your hotel without an umbrella.

What to Wear and how to dress in Paris, France?

The fashion scenario of Paris is inspired by haute couture and enhanced by the Parisians’ innate fashion sense and elegance. So, when deciding what to pack for your trip to Paris, think of comfort, fashion, and elegance. Here are some suggestions on what you can wear:

Women – Leave your pink and frilly-lace bubble skirts at home; instead, pack subtle colors like tan, black, beige or anything that is not too loud. If skirts are your style, go for A-line skirts, knee-length skirts in polka dots are always in and you can also go Boho chic with longer ones. Skinny jeans paired with fitting or loose tops, and blouses are always cool. Belted dresses look feminine and are fitting, too; you can pack leggings with them. For autumn, go for ankle booties and skinny-fit jeans along with leather jackets. An oversized sweater over tights and jeans is just about perfect. You can choose from solid colors, graphics, vintage or modern – everything works here. A trench and/or an overcoat is a fashion statement here.

Men – T-shirts along with pants or jeans are good for casual sightseeing, but make sure they are not too loud and do not bear any logos. A crisp white shirt and black pants or in khaki will always look good, provided you wear them with a tailored blazer or jacket. Summer wardrobe should also have shirts that can be folded upwards. Avoid shorts at all costs. Overcoats or trench coats in black color always look good. You can go for leather jackets and chesterfield coats, too. A button-down shirt is like oxygen for men in Paris.

Kids – Summer and autumn will not need anything more than jumpsuits, skirts, and tops. Tank or tube tops paired with knee-length skirts or Capris will look pretty and decent at the same time. Boys can go for T-shirts and shirts along with cotton trousers and pants. Winters will need cardigans, sweaters, and jackets.

Footwear – Go for comfortable unless your idea of comfort means white tennis shoes; they are not acceptable by any means. No trainers too! European sneakers are different from the ones in Europe, so we say you avoid them. Ladies, you can go for wedge heels or flat ballets as every Parisian woman has them. Straps and gladiators also look good. If you are visiting in winters, you can pack ankle booties. Men can go for leather or suede shoes in winters or open-toe shoes during summers. Also keep rubber boots as it rains a lot.

Accessories – Don’t wear too much of jewelry as it will look gaudy; keep it minimal. A nice belt along with a bracelet would be good enough. Sunglasses are as important as it is to have scarves in Paris. And, without your bag you will look like a tourist, so make sure you have one. Ladies can go for a shoulder or a tote while men can go for a messenger bag. Keep scarves to accessorize your look, and while you are in Paris, you will learn a dozen ways to tie them. Hats are also necessary, and you can go for wide-brimmed ones or fedoras. Berets are also advised.