What to Wear in Orlando in October

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 2:59am by Tyler Coleman

October is a great month, in fact, one of the best to enjoy the Floridian sun as the weather is pleasant and warm. The city is also buzzing with lots of happening events such as the Halloween parties. You can visit various parks, too, and enjoy all the natural beauty. To make sure you have the best time here, you must come prepared and savvy packing is the key to that. Knowing what to wear in Orlando in October will definitely help you.

What to Wear in Orlando in October

Weather of Orlando in October

As autumn arrives in Orlando, the weather starts to change and heads to cooler temperatures. In fact, it is one of the best times to visit the city as it is still warm yet less humid than tropical summer months. The average daytime temperature is about 29 degrees Celsius which drops down to a pleasant 18 degrees by night. Also, October doesn’t fall under hurricane and rain season, so you are less likely to be caught up in any such extreme conditions.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Orlando in October?

Most of the places in Orlando allow casual clothing, so it’s not that difficult mixing in with the crowd here. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Even though it gets colder by evenings, you can still go for shorts and t-shirts during the day as the sun shines bright. For other times when shorts aren’t enough, you can go for jeans/trousers or capris will also do. A floral skirt and a half-sleeve shirt or blouse will work perfectly well. For evenings, you can go for long skirts. Don’t forget your bathing suit as most of water parks and hotel pools are still open. Also pack a lightweight jacket or cardigan for the evenings and night as the temperatures drop down after sunset.

Men – Just like the ladies, you can still opt for shorts or Bermuda shorts and light cotton shirts for the day, but jeans and full-sleeve shirts would be best suited for days as well as nights as you can easily roll-up the sleeves when it is hot. Get your bathing suit as hotel pools have warm water and many water parks are still open. A sports jacket or a light sweater will be required for the evenings.

Kids – Pack shorts and skirts for girls along with capris and jeans. You can pair them with sleeveless tops or full-sleeve ones depending on the weather. Boys can go for Bermuda shorts or denims along with shirts and t-shirts. Do pack lightweight jackets and warm sweaters.

Footwear – If your feet get easily cold, pack a pair of sneakers or trainers with socks. Most of your trip will only require flats or open-toe shoes.

Accessories – The Floridian sun is very notorious for its intensity and hence you cannot survive here without a sunscreen with a good SPF. A scarf and a wide brimmed hat will also provide you the required shade. Carry glare-free sunglasses and a nice bag. Also carry a refillable water bottle.

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