What to Wear in Orlando in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 8:06am by Tyler Coleman

January is a great time to visit Orlando as the city has warm days and cool evenings with fewer tourists. With such pleasant weather, you can spend your days sightseeing or thronging the parks. You can also head to Epcot which is one of the four theme parks in Disney World and gives you an out of the world experience with its futuristic design and fun zone. To avoid any last-minute inconvenience, make sure you have packed every necessary item, including clothes and accessories. Take a look at what to wear in Orlando in January.

What to Wear in Orlando in January

Weather of Orlando in January

Orlando is a fantastic tourist destination all year round with some monthly temperature variations. January is a winter month here but the temperatures aren’t really freezing. It would be safer to say that the city has mild winters with daily average highs of 21 degrees Celsius and lows of 9 degrees Celsius. During this month, the city has warm and mild days with cooler evenings. Average amount of sunshine can be expected at 7 hours per day with considerably lower chances of rainfall. The weather isn’t too humid.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Orlando in January?

With warm days and mild evenings, the best way to pack would be stick to layers so that you can easily add or remove them as and when needed. Here are some packing suggestions:

Women – Don’t be afraid to play with colors and show some skin, even if it is a winter month. During the day, it doesn’t even feel like its January. It would also be great idea to hit some water parks so do pack your swimsuit, shorts and tank tops. You can go for jeans and pair them with warm shirts or full-sleeved t-shirts or blouses and the layer up with a cardigan or a sweater and in case you still feel cold, add another layer of a leather jacket. Tunics and warm slacks can also be taken along with cardigans and jackets.

Men – Don’t forget your swimming trunks and vests for water parks and polo-necks and chinos for golf. You can go for full-sleeved t-shirts or shirts along with jeans and then layer them with a sweater or a jacket. Formal wear would comprise of collared, button-down shirts and a warm trouser along with a blazer. You needn’t go that formal and instead opt for dark jeans, a shirt in neutral or light hues and layer up with a blazer. Pack jackets and woolen sweaters to act as layers during evenings.

Kids – You can go for jeans and cargoes along with full-sleeved t-shirts and shirts. Warm leggings will also do. To add layers of clothes, you can pack leather jackets or sports jackets or sweaters. Hoodies and jeans will also work well. Carry windbreaker jackets for windy days.

Footwear – Pack flip-flops for water parks and sandals or rubber boots for everywhere else. You can opt for sneakers and sandals too. As it rains a lot here, it would be safer to go for waterproof shoes.

Accessories – A good sunscreen is not to be forgotten along with a chic pair of sunglasses.

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