What to Wear in New York City in Winters

Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 2:41pm by Tyler Coleman

Winter months are some of the best months in the New York City as the city is brimming with celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and if you are on time, you can catch the famous Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Centre and the beautiful window displays at Fifth Avenue. Now at a time like this, you wouldn’t want to feel underdressed or may be overdressed, though nobody would really notice as everyone is quite busy! Yet it is always better to dress up like the locals. So, we get you a lowdown on what to wear in New York City in winters.

What to Wear in New York City in Winters

Weather of New York in Winters

Winter is one of the busiest seasons in NYC, not just because of tourists but also because of Christmas and New Year. And then there are chilly winds around and a noticeable dip in mercury! But never mind the cold, the temperature rarely dips below 0 degrees and it can snow, too, but not very often. The winds are chilly and cold and without proper winter gear you will find yourself sitting in your hotel room sipping coffee. So, make sure you bring your winter clothes along and enjoy the city as it is.

What to Wear in New York City in Winters?

While in New York, your dressing should aim towards balancing comfort along with comfort and practicality. Your aim should be protected against winter first and fashion details later. Besides, most of the people there are in a hurry, so they do not have time to notice what you are wearing unless you are wearing senseless items like summer skirts or stilettos. Everything from your outerwear to innerwear should be aimed towards comfort. Here are some suggestions:

Women – No matter what the season on NYC, always pack in layers. Even on the coldest day, layers are your best bet as they trap heat inside. Besides, since you are here on vacation, you will be going in and out to plenty of restaurants, museums, stores, etc., so you must be able to remove clothes when you are inside. So, pack cardigans that can be layered with full-sleeve blouses and then cover them with overcoats or duffle coats. You will see that a lot of people here are dressed in layers at the top. The trick is to go big on top and then balance your body with some skinny jeans and boots. A scarf is a great way to jazz up any outfit and it protects you from the chilly weather, too!

Men – The rule of dressing in layers applies to you also. You can wear thermals underneath a full-sleeve shirt and then wear a jacket or sweater over it. Also pack pants in thicker or woolen fabric. You can go for jeans also, but do not skip trousers in the process as most of nightclubs and restaurants require you to be dressed in formals. To cover your upper body, you can go for leather jackets or chesterfield jackets that fit well. With them in your list, you’ll not need a suit.

Kids – If you are packing skirts, make sure you have woolen slacks to wear underneath. You can go for sweatshirts and jeans, too. Layer shirts and t-shirts with jackets and sweaters or coats are also suggested along with blazers.

Footwear – Footwear is absolutely necessary, not only to walk comfortably but also compliment your attire. Since it is winter time, you can go for boots as they are chic, warm, and comfortable. In case it snows, go for a pair of willies or LL Bean Boots. Don’t pack trainers. Go for casual converse instead and pack a pair of heels and formal suede shoes for formal events.

Accessories – This is the time to flaunt your scarves and save yourself from the chill. Pack leather gloves; you can wear mitten or fingerless knit gloves underneath them for extra warmth. New Yorkers live and die with their bags, so ladies you can carry a medium-to-large handbag while men can go for messenger bags (one with a shoulder strap is advised). They also go big on hats of every kind, no matter if they are fur-trimmed, knit caps or the usual wide-brimmed hats.

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