What to wear in New York City in September

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 1:02pm by Tyler Coleman

Every year, the city of New York is visited by a large number of tourists for shopping, dining, sightseeing, nightlife, and its unmistakable charm. Apart from all the sights the city has to offer, the weather is also very welcoming. Roaming the streets can be a delight, especially when you know what to wear. Before you head out, make sure you are posted on the weather updates of the city.

What to wear in New York City in September

Weather of New York in September

September continues to be a warm month in New York City but evenings can be a bit cooler as the month wears on. The temperature fluctuates between 24 to 16 degrees Celsius, so you know what it is like. Most of the summer crowds have left, so you’ll have plenty of space and time.

Clothes to wear in NYC

What to wear in New York City in September is a big question! The city of New York is very trendy and edgy. Though it accepts people from everywhere with open arms, it wouldn’t hurt to be part of the crowd while you are in NYC. Try to be in touch with current trends of the city, like in jeans including latest cuts, length, styles of wash, etc. You may want to bring two pairs of jeans with different cuts or a nice pair of slacks or a dress. Take a look at some of the clothes you can wear while in NYC.

Women – Jeans! Yes they will come to your rescue every single time. The styles in NYC are so varied that you will easily blend with the crowd with whatever you wear. Take some floral dresses, and a light jacket or a lightweight cashmere cardigan along. Stay away from fur or shorts or sundresses during September.

Men – Packing or wearing a nice watch is must. A high-quality belt that goes with the tone of your dress or shoes, white socks for casual shoes and contrasting dark grey or black socks for your white shoes will be required. For a casual outing, you can go for jeans and shorts.

Kids – Children can go for light jackets and jeans. Shoes and sneakers are must. Funky t-Shirts look very cute.

Footwear – Shoes weigh a lot, so make sure you take only what is necessary. Take a pair of comfortable shoes or dark-colored sandals for walking around in the city and a pair of shoes that works well with several outfits.

Accessories – You can keep few matching jewelry pieces, like earrings and necklaces to go along your dress. Try to stay away from super trends ones. Chances are the trend has already passed even before you reach NYC. Dark belts will save your day. An umbrella will come in handy, if it rains. Men can also keep ties, if carrying a suit. Don’t pack too many accessories, though.

NYC is a very edgy city, so you might want to save that space in your bag for the souvenirs. The high-end stores of NYC have a lot and one-of-a-kind stuff to offer. So, pack accordingly because once you are in New York, nothing can stop you from shopping.