What to Wear in New York City in October

Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 11:53am by Tyler Coleman

The big and beautiful city of New York is an ideal destination for almost everyone, be it shopping or visiting art galleries and museums. The city caters to everybody’s tastes. October is an ideal month for visiting the city as it has a very comfortable weather and if you know what to wear in New York in October, it will be even more fun.

What to Wear in New York City in October

Weather of NYC in October

The month of October is ideal for visiting New York City as it provides the comfort of warm days and cooler nights. The temperature ranges from 18 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for strolling and sightseeing in the city.

What to Wear  in NYC in October?

New York City is a combination of all fashion tastes and classes. Somewhere you can spot people roaming around in their sweatpants, while at other places you will come across people dressed in smart formals and business clothes. So, to mix up with people of this city, you must dress up according to their tastes and keeping the weather in mind of course!

Women – Since October can get pretty warm in the day, there is nothing better to see a lady in skirts or dresses. For the daytime, you can stick with your skirts and jeans or cropped pants. If you are going to stay out late, a jeans or slacks with a nice and complimenting t-shirt would be a nice option. It can get a little cold in the night, so the best way is to stick to layers; these will help you add or remove clothing as per your convenience. For some really nice theatre or restaurant, you can carry a nice formal dress and a shawl or coat.

Men – During the day, you can stroll in the streets in some pants or jeans or shorts and an oxford shirt. To see the nightlife of the city, you have got to have formal shirts or oxford shirts with formal pants complimented with a watch and matching belt, since the people at some places can be a little fashion conscious.

Kids – You can also add layers to kids’ clothes, such as light sweaters or jackets along with some skirts and shorts for girls. Boys, too, can go for shorts and t-shirts along with layers. Keeping warm clothes for night is essential as the weather turns quite cold during night.

Footwear – One thing is certain; you will have to walk a lot to enjoy most of the sights of the city. So pack footwear that lets you do that, without hampering your movements and stinging your feet. Closed-toe shoes, sandals sneakers and a pair of formal shoes will get you through NYC in October.

Accessories – You can’t be sure of rain Gods, so always pack an umbrella or a raincoat along with sunscreen and sunglasses. You can also pack pretty scarves as the people here are big on fashion. A classy scarf and a tote is all you need more!

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