What to Wear in New York City in November

Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 12:00pm by Tyler Coleman

November is an exciting month to visit the New York City; and it is not just because of the amazing weather, but also because of equally amazing events in the city that take place in November. To start with, there is NYC marathon and then there is Thanksgiving, Chocolate show and New York Comedy Festival. With that said, you have an idea how exciting the city will be during the month of November. To have a slice of it all, you just have to pack your bags with clothes and stuff and know what to wear in New York City in November, and off you go!

What to Wear in New York City in November

Weather of New York in November

To have an exact idea of the weather here is the temperature.

Average high: 12 degrees Celsius

Average low: 5 degrees Celsius

So, you can see that it can be quite chilly in the month of November; but relax, it will not snow; and if you want snow, maybe you could wait for a month or two.

What to Wear in NYC in November?

Days in November are warm and nights are cooler; so you will have to pack your clothes accordingly. Bring clothes that suit both kind of weather and try dressing in layers as they will reduce your perks of putting on and removing clothes constantly like jackets and sweaters and windproof jackets. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You’ll have to do away with shorts during November as it is not that hot. However, jeans will do just fine. Full-sleeved tops and pants are all you need for the day. To go out in the evening, you can wear woolens and denims and heavy jackets. You might also need gloves to keep your hands warm. It does get real cold at night!

Men – There is no alternative to trousers and jeans as shorts or crops will not get you through the day. T-shirts and full-sleeve shirts will be more than enough for daytime. For night, you can keep heavy sweaters or woolen jackets and a windproof jacket, too. For nightclubs and restaurants, stick to classic suits or formals.

Kids – For your kids, you can keep windproof jackets, heavy woolen sweaters and jackets. Girls can stick to their jeans and woolen slacks and a sweater. Boys can also opt for shirts and t-shirts for daytime and add a sweater and gloves to the same for night.

Footwear – Since it is going to be cold, avoid sandals or gladiators. Avoid flip-flops for obvious reasons, i.e., dirty feet! Closed-toe shoes like sneakers or tennis shoes are your best bet in the city as they will not only keep your feet clean but are also comfortable to walk around the entire day. It is even better, if you are carrying water-resistant shoes.

Accessories – A hat and gloves will keep you warm in night. A scarf and tote are must if you are in New York and intend to roam in the city or go shopping; and the usual, sunscreen and sunglasses to keep your skin safe.

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