What to Wear in New York City in May

Posted on May 5 2014 - 8:38am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of New York is an awesome place to visit for those looking to get a taste of American living and the “East Coast” lifestyle. For those that have never been to New York City, the spring time is typically the best time to visit this city. May is a great month for you to visit New York as there are tons of things to see and places for you to visit. One of the most important aspects of visiting New York City in May, is bringing the right type of clothes.

What to Wear in New York City in May

What To Wear in New York City in May and Weather

The temperature of New York City in May plays a big part in determining what types of clothes that you want to bring. New York City is known for its trendy clothing options and tons of shopping malls as well as boutiques. The average highs of New York City in May is around 22 degrees Celsius and lows of 12 degrees Celsius. The climate of New York is humid and is known for its warm, humid temperatures. During the Spring time you should expect a few showers and some windy days.

Women what to wear

Women should dress in warm but loose clothing when coming to New York City in May. One great options for women would be a nice fleece cardigan and a v neck T shirt. This is a very casual styled outfit that you can wear around the city of New York. This outfit goes great with a nice pair of skinny jeans. You should choose lighter colored cardigans with a nice white V neck shirt. Remember that in the spring the colors of the city will be very festive so you will want to look in fashion. Another great option is simple short sleeve dress shirt with a pair of capri shorts.

Men what to wear

Men should opt for simple easy to put on clothing. One great option for men visiting New York is a nice sweat shirt with sweatpants. Sweatsuits are extremely comfortable especially in the cool climate of New York during May. Sweatsuits come in a variety of different colors including: white, black, gray and blue. Another great option for men would be a nice pair of jeans with a nice long sleeve sweater. This sweater can be both crew neck or V neck, as it will make your outfit look more trendy.

Kids what to wear

Kids should dress fairly warmly while in New York City. A great outfit for youngster would be a nice sweatsuit. Also, a thermal is a great option for youngster as it will keep them incredibly warm. Kids should dress warmly while they are in New York. Kids would benefit from wearing jeans and long sleeve whether they are sweaters or a jacket. A nice leather jacket would be perfect for children especially during those rainy days. Young girls can substitute pants and jeans with a nice pair of capris.

Shoes what to wear

While in New York it is very important that you bring the proper shoes for your vacation. The best types of shoes for you to bring would be a nice pair of tennis shoes, especially if you walking around the city. Also, it is important that you bring a nice pair of dress shoes for women it would be a few changes of heels, and for men some changes of dress shoes. During the rainy days it would be a great idea that you have a few changes of boots, as they are both warm as well as trendy.