What to Wear in New York City in July

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 12:51pm by Tyler Coleman

The best part about New York City is that the city doesn’t cease to amaze you. The edgy city welcomes tourists all months of the year, be it the summers of July or the winters of December. In case you are wondering what to pack and what to skip, we have a little advice you might appreciate. First come clothes, you really have to decide what to wear in New York City in July; and then there are shoes and other stuff.

What to Wear in New York City in July

Weather of NYC in July

July can get pretty hot in the city. Since its summertime, you’ll find the streets crowded with fellow tourists. You can expect short showers in the afternoon, but that is not a usual phenomenon. Overall, you must brace yourself up for summertime.

Clothes to Pack

Summer is the time to where less-is-more applies. Besides, the people of city don’t really care what you are wearing, so you can wear just about anything that you feel comfortable in.

Clothes for Women – It’s time to put the jeans back in cupboard and take out the pretty sundresses and tank tops. People here prefer a lot of dark colors, so you might want to stick to blacks and grays, just to blend in. Shorts, cropped pants, khakis in linen and cotton are all fine unless you are going to some elegant restaurant, for which you might want a sheath dress or a pretty skirt with an equally elegant blouse.

Clothes for Men – Men, too, should ditch denims and jeans during July as it going to get really hot. You can go for ¾ pants or Bermudas in khaki or linen or cotton. If you are planning on sightseeing, a khaki pant and a short-sleeved shirt will do well.  Polo neck t-shirts for casual outing and formal shirts for dining out are recommended.

Kids – As mentioned earlier, the city doesn’t really care what you wear! Girls can opt for skirts or frocks to shorts. Boys can go for cropped pants and t-shirts and shorts.

Footwear – You will have to do a lot of walking, so pack only what you are comfortable with. Sandals in dark colors will be a good option. Avoid flip-flops as they will only get your legs dirty, even though a majority of New Yorkers stick to flip-flops. For an evening out, you can pack a pair of heels or strapped sandals. Men can go with black shoes.

Accessories – Since this is going to be hot, you might not want to forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. You can also keep a wide hat to protect you from the sun and a structured tote too. Scarves look very cute on sundresses. You should also carry a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated during the day.

The New York City is a very open place and nobody really cares or comments on whatever you are wearing. Wear anything as long as you are comfortable in it!

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