What to Wear in New York City in January

Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 2:30pm by Tyler Coleman

New York City retains every bit of its authenticity and edge even during layers of thick snow. So in case you were putting off your vacation due to extreme cold weather there, Don’t! There is a lot you can do and it is a true heaven for those who love ice skating. As the city is covered in layers of white snow, you get to see NYC in an all-new avatar. Well, of course, the shopping avenues are still the same, just with more of winter collection. Either way, you are in for a treat. Just be well insulated while stepping out and pack savvy. Read on to know what to wear in New York City in January.

What to Wear in New York City in January

What to Wear and How to pack for New York City in January?

Winters are cold and chilly in New York City and winters are at their peak during January making it the coldest month of the year. The best way to describe January weather would be to call it cold and windy. The average high temperatures are 3 degrees Celsius while the average lows are -3 degrees. As you can see the temperature often falls below freezing, you will need a lot of winter gear here. There are also chances of snow, sleet and freezing rains. Here are some packing suggestions:

Women – Throw in everything black or grey from your thermals to overcoat. Women here wear a lot of black during winters. You can go for dark and warm blouses or t-shirts layered with knitwear jackets. They act as warm layers and provide a structured look once you take off the coat. Warm trousers and denims are also quite popular here and so are leggings and slacks. Don’t forget a nice wool coat or a puffer coat, probably knee-length. Longer ones are warm but they don’t look that classy!

Men – Just like the ladies, go for darker shades of clothes. You can go for a warm dark trouser along with a full-sleeved button down shirt in a neutral shade. Thermals are indispensable items and will act as excellent insulators. You can layer them with shirts, lightweight sweaters and woolen overcoats.

Kids – Start with thermals and then move on to full-sleeved t-shirts and shirts with jeans and warm slacks or trousers. Layer them with lightweight jackets or sweaters and then wear an overcoat or a heavy jacket.

Footwear – The one thing every New Yorker has and shows off during winters is a pair of boots. No matter what size, everyone has boots here from knee-high boots to Uggs and adorable Wellingtons. Make sure you also have a nice pair of boots or ankle booties.

Accessories – New Yorkers take their accessories quite seriously and so should you! Pack colorful and warm scarves, gloves and headgear. They will not only make you look fashionable but will also serve their obvious purpose. People also carry oversized bags in the city and you can also carry one; not just for style but for also keeping a lot of stuff you are bound to purchase here.

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