What to Wear in New York City in February

Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 2:35pm by Tyler Coleman

Despite the frigid weather of New York City in February, visitors often throng the city in heavy numbers. The reasons could be various- some want to enjoy the Lunar New Year celebrations while some want a romantic escape for Valentine’s Day. While others just come for sightseeing and ice skating or to explore the city. Also, due to cold weather you get cheaper accommodations (on bargain) and discount flights to New York. So, who would miss such an opportunity! The only thing you should be concerned about is the packing and number of empty cases you should carry. That would come from knowing what to wear in New York City in February.

What to Wear in New York City in February

Weather of New York City in February

February is quite like January and hence equally cold just with the variation of few degrees. It often snows and rains during this month; however less intensely than former month. The cold wind can make the weather seem even colder and the presence of tall buildings only adds to this effect. The average temperature highs are 4 degrees Celsius while the average lows are -3 degrees Celsius which are quite like the January ones.

What to Wear and How to pack for New York City in February?

NYC is the home of various fashionistas and designers, so maybe hoodies and jeans aren’t enough for winters. Besides, the winters here can be nasty so you need to be better equipped. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You can find women dressed in sweatpants, running shoes or Uggs to those totally adorned in brands from head to toe. The point is, style and fashion runs in blood here and you might have to make a little effort to fit in here. Go for black as New Yorkers wear a lot of black in everything. Whatever you pack, try picking it in darker shades. Add lots of layers to your clothes. You can go for knitwear and lightweight jackets and layer with an overcoat or a puffer-coat.

Men – Go dark! Not quite literally though; just with the shades of your clothes. Pack warm shirts in dark shades of blue, grey and black. Pack warm trousers or denims instead of sweatpants. A lot of men also sport knitwear and lightweight jackets. You can also pack one or two to wear under your coat. A thick overcoat with padding is recommended.

Kids – Even though it is cold but girls can still be spotted in skirts and warm leggings. You can go for the same or go for denims or trousers along with warm shirts and t-shirts. Thick heavy jackets will also be needed.

Footwear – Come winter and most of New Yorkers will be spotted in boots or Uggs. Knee-high boots can be worn over jeans and skirts. Wellington boots also look good on wet slushy days.

Accessories – Scarves, headgear and gloves aren’t just fashion statement in the streets but winter necessity too. Earmuffs are also pretty popular and so are sunglasses when the sun comes out. Oversized totes can also be spotted on everyone.

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