What to Wear in New York City in December

Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 11:48am by Tyler Coleman

What could be better than visiting New York in December? The city is heaven for tourists across the world, making December peak time for tourism. Who wouldn’t like to spend his/her Christmas and New Year’s Eve in this great and happening city? There will be so much to do and explore in this city in December that will make you forget everything else. Apart from Christmas Eve, there is ice skating in NYC and numerous Christmas and holiday concerts and shows. With your shopping bags, full you’ll have difficulty in stuffing your new purchases in your previous bags, so it’s better you don’t bring along a lot of stuff. For beginners, you must know what to wear in New York City in December, so that you have ample space in your bags to stuff your shopping bags.

What to Wear in New York City in December

Weather of New York in December

The weather is quite chilly in December. It is so cold that temperature drops down to 0 degrees and only goes up to 7 degree Celsius. Hence keeping all the winter clothes is extremely essential to really enjoy your stay in the city and not freeze to death.

What to Wear in NYC in December?

Since it is going to be chilly and cold, you can only think of woolens and lots of woolens. Layering is the key as it will can be freezing cold on the streets outside but warm if you go inside a building. Besides, the air gaps created between layers will act as insulators and protect you from freezing.

Women – Go for warm clothes like woolen or fleece. Jeans and slack will also do. You can also wear thermals underneath to protect yourself from cold. You can also wear tight under jeans and slacks as they will make substantial difference. Don’t wear skirts or hose for long walk; however, wearing them for restaurants is okay. A long scarf that covers your neck and head and a sweater and jacket is all you need more.

Men – Men, too, can go for jeans and wear thermals underneath. Long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, lightweight sweaters or a heavyweight sweater that zips or buttons in the front will do the trick for you.

Kids – Layer your kids with thermals, t-shirts, shirts, full-sleeved tops and jeans or slacks. Add layers of sweaters and jackets to it so that they can be removed whenever and wherever necessary. Avoid tight jackets as they reduce the chances of adding layers. Go for something loose, may be a huge parka.

Footwear – The only thing that will keep you safe in cold and city in this weather is thick leather shoes with non-smooth sole (to reduce impact of slippery streets and sidewalks). You can also opt for boots, but make sure that are non-slippery, too. However, you might not need snow boots as snow is unlikely to occur. But even if it does, you can always pick up a cheap pair from local stores.

Accessories – A winter jacket and coat along with scarf, hat and lined gloves will keep you stay warm.

P.S. – Also carry your party dresses and shoes for Christmas and New Year’s Celebration. You wouldn’t want to miss out on great parties just because of cold weather.

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