What to Wear in New York City in April

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 4:17am by Tyler Coleman
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New York City is one of the most well known cities in the world. The city of New York offers their visitors a unique look at modern infrastructures and architecture. New York city has a large populous of close to two millions residents. Though the area of the land is very small, through the ingenuity of many builders and architects the city has constructed high buildings(or skyscrapers). These high rise buildings are able to house the millions of citizens living here in New York. When coming to New York City in April, there are a variety of different things to do and see.

What to Wear in New York City in April

Weather in New York City in April

The weather in New York City during April is the beginning of Spring. During this time you can really feel the difference in the weather. During April the weather is more comfortable, than New York during the winter seasons. Weather in New York City in April tends to have some rainfall, typically about 4 inches of rainfall or so. The average highs of New York City in April is 16 degrees Celsius and lows of about 11 degrees Celsius. Also, you may experience some cool to cold fronts that may occasionally come around.

What to Wear and How to Pack for New York City in April

New York city during April is very pleasant and offers you an opportunity to wear clothing that is more comfortable and fashionable. During the month of April you should wear spring colors that are very light and attractive to the eye. There are a variety of different clothes, accessories and types of footwear to bring with you on this trip. The best colors for this season would be light, airy colors that work well with dark or light options. When packing for this trip you should always pack thoroughly, so that you are always prepared.

Women: What to wear

Women should pack comfortable clothing that consist of shorts and comfortable pants. A great option for you would be a nice pair of leggins or jeggings that go along great with a short sleeve dress shirt. If you are not a fan of jeggings then they can be swapped out for a nice pair of Capri pants. Capri pants are great for the day time, when the temperature gets rather warm. During the cooler points of the day, you should bring a nice pair of jeans or denim pants.

Women during the evening time should bring a nice trench coat during the rainy evenings that may occur. This trench coat should be a dark color(as the darker colors attracts more heat). There are a variety of trench coats that are both short as well as long and can be worn on top of dresses as well as jeans and sweaters. Women should opt for a cardigans as well as pull overs during the evening time, which will help give you more style, for going out during the evening.

Men: What to wear

Men should bring a nice sweatsuit for the daytime. These sweatsuits are a very comfortable and stylish option for men. Many sweatsuits are made with different accessories such as: zippers, pull strings and buttons that will help you look great. Men should also bring cargo shorts, and jean shorts on your trip to New York. These shorts go great with just about any top for men. These tops include: V- necks, Henley and Tank tops. These options will keep you cool and comfortable during the warmer daytime. You may also need to bring a light jacket with a hood as well, as this will help you stay warm during the rain.

During the evening time you want to dress sharply for any nightclub or after hours events. Many times men overlook some of the most simple and stylish outfits available. One clothing options for you would be a simple black button up dress shirt with a nice navy or black pair of dress slacks. This can be complemented with a nice belt that matches the belt or shirt. Though the outfit is incredibly simple, it is very stylish and can be worn to any venue. This type of outfit can be worn with the top button left unbutton or with a nice tie.

Kids: What to wear

Kids should wear layers of clothing which will allow them to stay warm. This should include a nice thermal outfit which can be worn underneath regualar clothing. Thermal underwear is incredibly helpful in keeping kids warm, as it traps the heat inside of the body. Thermal underwear can be found in a variety of different colors including: black, white, navy blue and gray. During the daytime a nice pair of shorts can be worn or a skirt(for young girls). These options are great for helping them stay cool and comfortable, while they are engaging in different activities.

Footwear: What to wear

One of the best options for footwear would be a nice pair of boots. Boots can be made out of a variety of materials including leather, which will help keep your feet warm. Though April is a warm and cool month, you should expect some rainfall. During those days when it is raining, you will be incredibly happy that you brought your boots along with you. These boots can be worn with a variety of clothing options including jeans and shorts. Also, boots are great for everyone including women and come in a variety of colors including: black, blue, white, green and pink.

Accessories: What to wear

New York in April is warm and cool, so it is incredibly important that you bring a nice umbrella. Umbrellas offer you protection from the rainfall that is typically going to fall during April. April is not a very rainy month, but it does experience regular sprinkles. When it does rain in conjunction with the cool weather of the climate, you can expect it to get rather chilly. The umbrella offers you a great option for staying warm and dry.

New York City in April Events

There are a variety of events that are available to you, during the month of April. In the month of April you can celebrate Easter in New York. New York will host a variety of different Easter events for children and kids, including Easter Egg Hunts. These Easter events will offer you an opportunity to meet residents of New York. You can also experience Earth Day in New York as well. Earth Day in New York, allows you to plant trees and give back to the environment.

New York City April Activities

While in New York City it is almost necessary that you visit the Statue of Liberty. This statue has served as a shining example of liberty and freedom for hundreds of years. There are tours through the statue, that will give you a brief history lesson on the Statue itself.

New York City Things to Do in April

There are tons of things for you to do in New York including visiting the Apollo or going to a Knicks game at the Madison Square Garden. Both of these venues are staples of New York that have been around for hundreds of years. Hundreds of comedians, speakers, entertainers and sports professionals have come to both of these locales.