What to Wear in Moscow

Posted on Aug 29 2013 - 3:17am by Tyler Coleman
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Moscow is the capital city of Russia and a cultural hub, too! If you are planning a vacation here, then you must be aware about the seasonal extremes and fashion tastes here, so that you know what to wear in Moscow. Read on to find out.

What to Wear in Moscow

Weather of Moscow

The climate of Moscow is humid continental with warm, humid summers and long, cold winters. The typical weather of this city can be majorly categorised into two seasons – the hot season and the cold season. This is a city that experiences climatic variations to the extremes. The summers here tend to be hot and humid and on certain occasions you can encounter mass heat waves. The winters here tend to be cold, and during the coldest months, the temperature drops well below freezing point which causes days of snow and icy weather.

Summer – The hot season starts from May and concludes by October end. You can expect surprisingly warm and appealing weather through the months of June, July, and August. As April ends, the snow starts to thaw and mercury starts to rise to an average of 15 degrees from 2 degrees Celsius. The months ahead see even higher temperatures, which can rise to higher twenties. Heat waves from May to September also become a common feature of Moscow’s weather. The heat waves last for about one or two weeks, and during this time the weather becomes humid and clammy having an air of unpleasantness.

Winter – The cold season in Moscow can be very bitterly cold with slightly unpleasant weather. January and February have the reputation of being the coldest months, as temperature rarely sits above freezing during these months. The average low is -10 degrees during this time and it is not uncommon for it to drop down to -15 during morning hours. As far as rainfall is concerned, the only rains that occur here are in the form of snow. Moscow is covered in snow for about three to five months each year.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Moscow?

Moscow has an emerging fashion taste compared to its former days and that can be seen in the way people dress here. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Your packing would depend upon the weather you are visiting Moscow in. If it is summertime, go for a lot of cotton and linen clothes. Half- or cut-sleeve cotton tops along with knee-length shorts are acceptable. You can go for sundresses, too, or a maxi dress as the temperature drops down a little in the evening. For winter months, you will need a lot of heavier clothes. The weather during winter months is harsh and if you are not dressed properly, most of your time will be spent in your hotel room. Jeans or warm leggings would be required along with woollens that can be layered with coats and jackets. You can go for padded coats or sheepskin ones. The heavier your winter gear, the more are your chances of stepping out.

Men – As just mentioned, packing would depend on weather conditions. For summers, you can pack cotton shirts and linen pants or t-shirts along with Bermuda shorts. You can also pack polo-neck t-shirts and pair them up with khaki pants or chinos. Jeans are also good for evening purposes. Winters would require heavier gear. In fact, while packing for winter season, pack what you would pack for a skiing destination! You will need a lot of woollen and fleece jackets along with warm shirts and jeans or trousers. Coats that reach up to knees should be preferred over shorter ones. Pack thermals, too!

Kids – Summers would require shorts and skirts along with cotton tops and t-shirts. Cotton or linen trousers can also be worn with tops. Keep a light jacket for evening purposes. For winters, you will need hooded jackets in wool and fleece. Sheepskin jackets and padded coats are also fine as long as you layer the attire.

Footwear – Comfortable and durable footwear is required. You can go for flip-flops and flats during summers and boots with warm lining during winters.

Accessories – An all-weather light jacket would be needed along with a nice tote to carry your stuff. Also, do not forget warm gloves and socks during winters.

P.S. – We suggest winter season as it would also give you a reason to indulge in the exquisite Russian vodka!