What to Wear in Montreal

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 8:34am by Tyler Coleman
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Montreal lies in the Quebec province of Canada. If you are planning a trip to Montreal, deciding what to wear in Montreal is going to be hard job as the weather never stays the same there. So, best way out is to plan your trip in advance and be prepared. Summer is tourist season in Montreal and it is also the time the city hosts an International Jazz festival, which should be on your itinery. If, however, you are going in winters, be prepared for a lot of snow. It is in fact the perfect time for skiing.

What to Wear in Montreal

Weather of Montreal

Montreal’s climate is known to be bipolar. You can see showers, snow and freezing rain followed by sun and no signs of precipitation, all in one day. That gives you the unpredictable part of Montreal’s weather. So, in general, it has a semi-continental climate with summers being warn and humid and cold winters. Winters are known to be very severe which are accompanied with a lot of snow. Summers are warm and have a generous number of sunny days. Like most Canadian cities, its day-to-day weather keeps changing.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Montreal?

The metropolis of Montreal anchors Canada’s northeast with a cultured sensibility and a European core. The city isn’t exactly Paris but it is not some mountainous town, too. People here dress up to go out. You will find men in slim suits and relaxed classic weekend clothes. Ladies, however, style themselves with easy dresses which are chic and tailored, too.

Women – You will find most of the ladies here dressed in the modern French chic avatar. Styles are chic with an edge here. If you want the French touch, too, go for sweet polo collars and simple tailoring. Rompers are very popular here, no matter what the season. During summer and spring, you can go for cotton piece; while for colder weather, you can go for a warmer piece and layer it with a tailored blazer in contrasting color. You can also go for various styles of drapes and summer dresses while in the city. Skirts in dark colors would go perfect with bright-colored tops and blouses. For colder temperatures, go for heavy coats and lots of woolen sweaters and cardigans.

Men – Men here know how to turn up the notch when it comes to day-to-day fashion in Montreal. You will find a lot of dapper and slim styles here, basically known as urban dweller style. The trick to achieve the look is mixing tailoring with classic pieces. You can start with an old pair of Dickies in clean and slim fit and then fold them, just above the ankles. Complete the look with a lightweight sailor shirt. Navy blue and white are standard colors here but if you feel slightly adventurous, you can try peachy pink or pistachio green, too. Loop a belt and don your sunglasses to complete the look. For colder temperatures, you can wear a leather jacket or a chesterfield coat along with dark jeans. Carry an overcoat for bitterly cold weather.

Kids – Kids can go for skirts and shorts during spring and summer seasons. If it gets cold in the evening, just layer them up with a light jacket. Jeans are good for winters while during the fall you will need clothes in earthy tones, so pack T-shirts in lighter shades. You can go for chinos and pair them up with the shirts. Winters are notoriously cold here, so make sure you have enough of jackets and fleece. Woolen sweaters and windbreakers can also be packed.

Footwear – Go for flat ballet pumps and comfortable sandals during summer and spring season. You can go for espadrilles and loafers, too. Pack a pair of heels and leather or suede shoes for nightclubs and restaurants. Keep ski shoes if you are going skiing. Also pack a pair of rubber boots.

Accessories – Keep bright scarves and bags to complete your look. Also carry your trendy sunglasses. If you are going in winters, make sure you carry gloves in knitted and mitten styles and woolen socks, too; they will keep you warm. Also carry hats that cover your ears instead of baseball hats.