What to Wear in Montreal in Winter

Posted on Jul 27 2013 - 12:26pm by Tyler Coleman
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The winters of Montreal are notorious for being brutal; so if you are planning a trip to Montreal during the cold weather, make sure you know what to wear in Montreal in winters. With proper packing and supplies, you can make the best out of your trip. The city has an underground city, too, especially for colder days which you can explore. You can also indulge in winter sports, such as skiing, sleigh rides, and ice skating.

What to Wear in Montreal in Winter

Weather of Montreal in Winters

Montreal experiences a variety of weathers just in one day, hence it is also known as bipolar. Can you expect snow, showers, freezing rain followed by sunny day or a warm sun and no precipitation in sight? Yes, absolutely right, you can; all this is possible in just one day. Talking about the winters of Montreal, they are pretty harsh and brutal. Temperatures fall below freezing and average between single digits, while the ground is covered with snow and ice. But, this is also a city that knows how to stay warm in such freezing weather. So, whenever it gets too cold to bear, just head to the underground city. It has a maze of shopping malls, restaurants and even movie theatres all connected by passageways. Most of this underground city is beneath downtown Montreal, so you will not even have to set foot outside. But, that doesn’t mean you will miss out on the amazing winter activities here like ice skating, skiing, and sleigh rides. Just book early because of the winter rush rooms will be a little trickier to find.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Montreal in Winter?

We agree that it is brutally cold out there in Montreal, but it doesn’t mean you have the liberty to dress up like a snow monster or whatever they call them in that region. In short, you cannot just send fashion out of the window given the city has some taste in fashion. Here are some tips on how to stay comfortable and stylish in Montreal winters.

Women – You know it ladies, layering is the key to surviving harsh temperatures. So pack in layers. Keep warm thermals and wear full-sleeve tops and blouses over them. Now layer them up with heavy jackets and coats. Make sure your coats are well insulated and try to pack the ones that are knee length or fall below. Warm knitted and mitten gloves are absolutely essential and so are scarves. Keep warm slacks and skinny-fit jeans to wear underneath your coats.

Men – Layering is the key here as layers create different insulation levels in your clothing, making it easier to escape cold. Start with thermals first, then wear warm full-sleeve shirts over them and layer them with sweaters or heavy jackets. For even colder days, you can skip the jacket and cover yourself up with sweaters and overcoats. Also keep warm trousers and pants. Woolen socks will keep your feet warm. Try not to stay in the wind too long, and if you have to, make sure you have every part of your body covered. Pack hats and gloves, too. A windbreaker jacket would be a good option in cold weather.

Kids – Cover up your kids from head to toe whenever stepping out. Thermals are absolutely essential in this weather followed by full-sleeve t-shirts and tops. Then go for woolen sweaters or lots of fleece. You can also go for windbreakers and warm pullovers. Heavy jackets are also advised. Woolen socks and gloves are also required to be worn on extra cold days. Make sure you pack enough of layers for your kids, too.

Footwear – Boots are your best bet during winter season in Montreal. You can go for boots that are lined and have rubber soles, which will keep your feet warm and dry and also not let you slip. Since the sidewalks will be lined with snow, go for shoes that provide you friction, else you will be slipping after every five steps.

Accessories – You can pack woolen socks and gloves in knitted and mitten styles. Woolen scarves are also advised. Go for hats that cover your ears, too. Make sure you keep yourself warm and stay chic at the same time!