What to Wear in Montreal in October

Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 11:58am by Tyler Coleman
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October in Montreal is quite like New York City, just slightly chiller. Even the temperatures don’t play havoc and rarely reach double digit or dip below zero. The weather is lovely to enjoy various outdoor activities, such as visiting concerts and plays. All you need to know is what to wear in Montreal in October. Once you do, you can enjoy all the attractions of the city in October such as ‘autumn foliage’ which is in fact Canada’s most beautiful and natural attraction. You also have the option of going to various festivals and events such as ‘Magic of Lanterns’, which creates a fantastic Asian ambience.

What to Wear in Montreal in October

Weather of Montreal in October

The weather of Montreal in October is a delight. It is neither too hot nor too cold. It is just crisp and fresh weather in October, making it an ideal time to visit Montreal. The temperature ranges goes up to 12 degrees max and can dip to a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius. It is not uncommon to have snowfall in October, but the flakes don’t last longer than a few minutes on the ground. That said, the weather is just about perfect to explore the city.

What to Wear in Montreal?

Since the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, you can stick to the tried and tested layers so that you are ready to brace the Montreal weather no matter what.

Women – Ladies can carry t-shirts and tops. Chances are you’ll not need anything more than a lightweight jacket or sweater. You can still pack some fleece cardigans to add to your layers. A scarf to save you from winds too strong and a trench to escape from unocassional rains. Pair of jeans or slacks or khaki pants will be more than enough for casual daywear. For nighttime, you can pack something formal.

Men – Men can go with full- or half-sleeve shirts and then layer them with jackets or fleece sweaters. A pair of jeans or khaki pants will do well. Avoid shorts as they will not help you through evenings. You can also keep a cashmere sweater or a nice coat or jacket to go out in the evenings.

Kids – Sleeveless t-shirts or tops layered with sweaters or jackets. You can also go for full-sleeved ones with layers of jackets. Jeans and skirts along with slacks can be considered.

Footwear – Boots and a classy pair of heels for ladies and a pair of formal shoes for men, but only for going out for dining or for bars and clubs to fit into right crowd. You can also carry snow-boots, but chances are you will not need them much. For walking and strolling, you can opt for closed-toe such as tennis shoes or sneakers. Avoid flip-flops in streets.

Accessories – It can snow here, so snow-boots and a trench coat can also be kept. Apart from them, you can pack windbreakers and wind jackets, a few scarves too.