What to Wear in Miami

Posted on Aug 14 2013 - 10:40am by Tyler Coleman

Some say Miami is USA’s retirement capital; others just see it as a great getaway. No matter what they say, you just cannot deny the lavish lifestyle, great weather, and envious nightlife Miami has to offer. A trip to this great place would require the knowledge of weather and, of course, before you start packing, you have to know what to wear in Miami.

What to Wear in Miami

Weather of Miami

Located in the sunny state of Florida, Miami is a favorite holiday destination not just among Americans, but across the globe. It is located on Florida’s southern peninsula, which makes its location lie in the Atlantic hurricane belt, and its position between such water bodies makes it prone to direct hits. The city has a tropical monsoon climate, which means it has high temperatures and high rainfall.

The annual weather of Miami is split into hot & humid summers and dry winters. Summers see plenty of rainfall around here, which picks up especially in May and reaches its highest in June, August, and September. The temperature follows in the footsteps of rainfall, with July and August being the hottest months and experiencing temperatures above 30s. You combine these hot temperatures along with high rainfall and result is lots of humidity which describes Miami’s summers.

It then drops dramatically by November and by that time ‘dry’ winters have started. The winter months here are December, January, and February, which see average temperatures to be around 23 or 24 degrees Celsius which isn’t really cold. Daily average minimums are around 16 degrees C., which is pretty comfortable again accompanied with 8 hours of sunshine.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Miami?

Miami doesn’t just have a great subtropical weather; it is full of fashion choices, too. You will find stylish people everywhere, in the restaurants, in clubs or around the beach. People do dress up casually here, but with a style. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You will see that most of Miami’s fashion choices are Latin-inspired, so carry form-fitting silhouettes to create a good impression. Bikini or beachwear is also necessary as you will be visiting the south beach, but do carry a cover up for walking around. People dress up rather formally for restaurants and dining purposes, so cocktail gowns or shorter dresses would do. For clubbing, pick up bold colors with eye-catching fabrics. For the winter season, you just need a light jacket or a sweater along with some jeans. Tank- or tube-tops along with shorts are the perfect Miami attire. You can pick them up in cotton or sheer fabrics.

Men – You can pack cotton T-shirts and vests along with shorts for the summer season. As summers are very hot here, going for cotton or linen would be advised. For dining purposes, you will have to dress up rather formally in a button-down collared shirt along with full pants. Do carry a casual jacket that goes along with jeans and trousers alike. Winters are not that cold or freezing, so just a sweater and a jacket would do.

Kids – Kids can go for anything from shorts to skirts along with tube- or tank-tops. Rompers or jumpsuits would be perfect for the summer season, but make sure they are in cotton. You can go for sheer fabric, too, as it allows the breeze to pass through. Stay away from synthetic clothes, especially during summer season. Carry some full-pants or trousers or jeans for winter season. For slightly colder temperatures, you can go for leggings and tunics or jeans or warm slacks paired with full-sleeve tops or t-shirts and jackets.

Footwear – People do have a flair for dressy shoes here, but you cannot give up comfort for style. Carry shoes that let you walk with ease without killing your feet. Flat ballets would be good for walking around. You can also go for sneakers or loafers. For clubbing or dining, you can opt for Oxford shoes and heels.

Accessories – You can buy Latin-influenced accessories from the city itself to get a Miami touch. However, a sunscreen and an umbrella are required all year round along with trendy sunglasses, too, as the sun is out most of the time. Carrying a nice tote or messenger bag is also advised.

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