What to Wear in Miami in November

Posted on Sep 28 2013 - 3:26am by Tyler Coleman

Miami not only offers you the comfort of beaches but also indulges you in various pursuits. If you are visiting the city in November, brace up for a tight schedule. The NBA and college basketball seasons are just around the corner, so better book your tickets in advance. If you are a movie buff, don’t forget to attend the Miami Short Film Festival which showcases an array of international short films. So, the only thing you should worry about is packing the right stuff, and for that read on to know what to wear in Miami in November.

What to Wear in Miami in November

Weather of Miami in November

November marks the end of hurricane season and beginning of winters in Miami. It means you will be free from the stifling heat of summers and the uncomfortable humidity and greeted by cooler weather and pleasant temperatures. This makes November a good month to visit Miami. The average highs of temperature are 26 degrees which can drop down to 19 degrees Celsius. The average sea temperature also drops to 26 degrees Celsius. Sun can be expected to stay out for 7 hours a day on an average. November also witnesses very less rainfall when compared to preceding months.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Miami in November?

Even though it is supposed to be ‘winter’ time in Miami, you will still find the weather is hot enough and not suitable for jackets and cardigans. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Pack the usual suspects for daytime, like shorts and t-shirts. For the beach, you will definitely need a bikini and the some sort of a cover up later, like a sarong or tank-top and shorts. You can also go for miniskirts, capris, and cotton trousers and half-sleeve tops.  However, evening wear will have to be a little stylish and fashion forward or you might feel underdressed among all the stylish and sexy ladies here. You can go for tight-fitting dresses or miniskirts, tunics, or cocktail gowns.

Men – For the casual look, go for the usual stuff like t-shirts and Bermuda shorts. You can also opt for trousers and shirts or polo-neck t-shirts. Jeans aren’t spotted much here, so you can skip them. If you are on a business trip, do bring lightweight suits in black, navy or gray colors. For evening wear, you can opt for slacks in dark colors and button-down shirts in linen, rayon or silk blends. You can also opt for chinos and a blazer in the evenings.

Kids – Shorts, skirts, jumpers along with shirts and t-shirts will work for your kids. Girls can also opt for sundresses and skirts.

Footwear – Comfortable footwear is must, no matter where you are. Flip-flops are good for the beach/pool or just sightseeing, too. Some nightclubs enforce the no-flip-flops rule, so carry some shoes, too. Sneakers and trainers will work. Ladies can opt for wedges or flat ballets.

Accessories – Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, a wide hat and a nice bag and you are all set to hit the city!

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