What to Wear in Miami in January

Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 8:00am by Tyler Coleman

Miami has a vibe of the sun, sand, beaches and of course the parties! So no matter when you plan to visit it, it is always going to be super amazing. Miami has milder climates during January which makes it an ideal time to hit the city. It isn’t just party season but a lot of celebrations are also happening in the city such as Art Miami or the art deco weekend. Sports lovers can flock to college level football games, so make sure you have packed everything you need and for that take a look at what to wear in Miami in January.

What to Wear in Miami in January

Weather of Miami in January

Miami has a tropical climate which is susceptible to monsoons which makes even the winters in Miami a little ‘less wintery’. Winters here tend to be short and mild and generally dry. January is probably the driest month of the year in Miami. The average daily temperature is 23 degrees Celsius which can drop down to an average minimum of 16 degrees Celsius. Even during the winter months, Miami has plenty of sunshine of around 8 hours per day with almost little or no rainfall. The beaches are ever welcoming.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Miami in January?

Miami is a fashion forward city and people here have their own fashion statements, rather bolder ones! Miami is all about music, dance business and beaches and the best part is you can dress up in similar manner for all with just little variations. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Don’t be afraid to show skin and wear bolder colors. Women here play with colors and fabrics and so should you. You can go for printed tops and t-shirts along with jeans or trousers for colder days. For milder days you can pack shorts and tank tops. Miniskirts and t-shirts can also be packed. You can also go for a tank and a long flowy skirt. When the night falls, black is back so pack your LBD or sequined dresses to hit the nightclubs. Don’t forget your beachwear because that’s where the hottest parties are. And it gets colder in the evenings so pack a cardigan too.

Men – How can men lag behind women in this sultry incredibly unique city? Pack your beachwear along with some vests and Bermuda shorts. Leave your suit and tie at home because it is nothing like any other tourist city in the USA. For formal purposes, you just need a shirt and a trouser. Also toss in a jacket or hoodies for evenings.

Kids – Sundresses, jumpers and shorts are all cool for girls. Boys can go for capris, shorts and t-shirts. Do pack a lightweight jacket for evenings. Jumpers can be packed along with shrugs.

Footwear – Pack comfy shoes like flip-flops (for beaches), sandals and flat ballets. You can go for sneakers and boots too. Strappy shoes are cool for evenings.

Accessories – Funk up your ensemble with bold and junk jewelry and oversized totes. Don’t forget your chic sunglasses and a good sunscreen with high SPF.

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