What to Wear in Miami in February

Posted on Jan 3 2014 - 7:03am by Tyler Coleman

The beautiful city of Miami, is well known for its hot sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. Located near the Atlantic ocean this “city near the beach” provides awesome entertainment for all tourists. For beachfront clubs to longues, millions of tourists travel to this city every year for fun in the sun. During February, Miami is not incredibly hot or cold. With average highs lingering around is about 25 degrees Celsius. The average lows are around 16 degrees Celsius offering humid, but chilly nights.

What to Wear in Miami in February

Weather of Miami in February

What to Wear in Miami in February depends solely on the activities that you will be engaging in while you are there. In many cases people that come to Miami, are going to visit the beach. It is important to understand that packing the right clothing can make or break a trip. Evening wear is also crucially important for a trip to Miami. Below are some great options for people deciding to travel to Miami in February:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Miami in February?

Women: February is not quite bikini weather yet, but a woman can bring some swimsuits with her. A great option for women is to bring a nice tube top and some jeans. This can be perfect for walking down the Miami Blvd, while window shopping. Also, a nice V neck T-shirt can offer you the comfort and casual look that is perfect for Miami living. You can wear a sweater or sweatshirt in the daytime, if you feel a slight chill. At night a nice jean jacket and a scarf can make a great option for women. It will help keep you warm, when the temperatures drop to around 16 degrees Celsius. Also, for more formal engagements, a woman can wear a nice evening gown. If the weather feels a bit nippy, a nice trench coat or overcoat works great.

Men: Men should make the most of short sleeve t shirts and sleeveless shirts. Fellas can also wear long sleeve shirts and simply roll up their sleeves if it gets warm. Since Miami is extremely casual, a man can wear just about anything from a simple thermal to a plain white T shirt. The best bottoms for a man to wear include: jeans and chinos. Men can also wear shorts because it is a beach town. During the evening a man can wear a nice button down dress shirt, underneath a sweater or cardigan. Also a blazer is appropriate for going to clubs or upscale events.

Kids: Kids can enjoy the weather in February. Miami is a great location for children. When packing for children, it is important to bring changes of clothes for them. Children may get messy and dirty during their trip in Miami. Some great options for children are: short sleeve shirts, a light jacket with a hood and comfortable pants. Young girls can also wear skirts in Miami. At night children should wear pullovers or a over coat to keep them warm.

Footwear: The best footwear to wear in February is a good pair of comfortable sandals. Both open toed as well as closed toed sandals make great options for people. Sandals can be worn almost anywhere in Miami, although for nightclubs dress shoes would be more appropriate. It would also be smart to bring a nice pair of trainers to walk in.

Accessories: Since you are in Miami it is so important to have a good pair of shades(or sunglasses). Some of the most popular shades are Aviators and they typically look great on everyone.

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