What to Wear in Miami in December

Posted on Sep 28 2013 - 3:32am by Tyler Coleman

Miami is fused with history and art and is deeply influenced by Latin-American culture. It is an international destination for those who enjoy beautiful beaches, sun and of course – parties! The city never fails to satisfy your needs and everyone who visits the city knows what an adventure they are up for. People here are very proud of their diverse restaurants and festivals and of course the 800 art-deco style buildings in south beach. So, dressing appropriately to such place must be considered when you start packing. Here is what to war in Miami in December.

What to Wear in Miami in December

Weather of Miami in December

December is mid-winter time in Miami which means you will be faced with temperate weather, lesser rainfall along with lower levels of humidity than preceding months. If you are not a fan of summer heat and prefer the colder weather, December is an ideal time to visit Miami. The average daily temperatures are 24 degrees Celsius which can drop to a minimum of 17 degrees Celsius. December experiences lowest amount of rainfall, i.e., around 7 days a month. The sea temperature is 25 degrees Celsius on an average.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Miami in December?

Miami is flamboyant and full of energy and it is never too cold in Miami even during winter months. Bright colors, designer items are necessary here and there is practically no rain, just sun! So don’t over-pack and read the following suggestions:

Women – For daytime, you will just need a pair of shorts or jeans (in case it is cold), a few colored and white tank-tops to go along with your jeans, shorts and skirts. A printed maxi dress is good for sightseeing and shopping. You can also opt for sundresses and jumpers for the same purpose. Printed or dresses in solid colors will be required for brunches and a cocktail dress for evening outs. Shorts dresses are must haves for nightclubs (dresses by Cavalli and Pucci are always a ‘go’ here), but since the temperature is sure to drop in the evening, do carry a light jacket or a cardigan.

Men – For the beach, pack the usual like shorts and trunks with t-shirts and vests. For shopping and sightseeing, you can go for Bermuda shorts and white tees or loose cotton shirts and chinos. Formal button-down shirts can be paired with trousers. Chinos, slacks and trendy shirts are all cool for nightclubs. A lightweight sports jacket for casual wear and a blazer to add a formal touch can also be packed.

Kids – You can pack t-shirts and shorts for kids. Rompers and flowing skirts along with tops and blouses are good for girls. Boys can go for t-shirts in bold colors and Bermuda shorts. Lightweight jackets will be required for evenings.

Footwear – Comfortable footwear like sneakers and loafers are to be packed. Trendy shoes are of course to be taken so men can go for suede or oxford shoes or a casual pair of sneakers while ladies can go for heels or ballets.

Accessories – A nice bag, chic sunglasses, and lots of sunscreen!

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