What to Wear in Macau

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 7:16am by Tyler Coleman

Macau is an emerging city and is popularly known as the Vegas of East. You can see that for yourself through a vacation in this lovely city, but first know what to wear in Macau so that you can easily blend in.

What to Wear in Macau

Weather of Macau

Macau is located on the west bank of Pearl River Delta in south China, which is also the intersection of Mainland China and South China Sea. As it is located at the south of the Tropic of Cancer, the wind directions during summer and winter are reversed.

The winter season is from January to February, and during this time it is very cold and dry due to the presence of Northerly winds. The temperature falls down below 10 degree Celsius usually.

The Spring season is during March and April, which is more of a seasonal interchange period. Wind direction changes at this time, which increases the temperature and humidity. The weather is mainly fine, apart from some occasional wet weather, fog, drizzle accompanied with low visibility.

Summer season is relatively longer here, marked by hot temperatures and wet conditions. Waterspout can be seen occasionally, but usually it is bad weather with thunderstorms and heavy rains.

October brings some relief with autumn and reduced temperatures and Macau becomes cool again. Even though the autumn season is short, the weather is stable and comfortable with clear skies.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Macau?

Macau is also known as the Vegas of the East and combines fashion choices of Hong Kong and Europe. You will find some people in shorts and T-shirts and others in dresses and pumps, too. Here are some suggestions for blending in:

Women – The city has various types of people and fashion styles. Being casual will work for you, but some occasions will require nicer dresses. Sightseeing and shopping can all be done in T-shirts and sleeveless blouses paired with skirts and jeans. For the summer season, you can pack your cotton clothes, like shirts and pants or skirts. For colder temperatures, you will need something more than just full-sleeve blouses. Though it is not hot enough for a coat, a heavy jacket or a woolen cardigan should definitely be packed. Most of the times, your clothing will be dependent on the places you are visiting, such as club parties will require a bling tube dress with great platforms. For some opera or theatre, you will be good with a Thai silk dress and a shawl as people here like extreme air-conditioning indoors. For lunch and sightseeing purposes, you can go with cocktail or sundresses with cardigans, if required.

Men – As just said, you can walk around in casuals in the city and most of your clothing options would depend on weather and places. For sightseeing or shopping, you can go for Bermuda shorts and polo-neck T-shirts or cotton shirts along with khaki pants or jeans. For hardcore partying, something dressy would be required, like a collared shirt and complimenting full pants in dark tones. Opera and theatre would require formal shirts along with ties and pants. You can go for a blazer, too. Winters will not require coats, but you can go for a casual leather jacket or some woolen sweater.

Kids – Summer season will only allow cotton and linen clothes for your kids. So, whatever you pack, make sure it is in cotton or some breathable fabric. Shorts, T-shirts, tops can all be paired with Capris and pants or skirts for girls. For the winter season, you can go for heavy woolens and thick jackets, and if possible, stick to layering like tunics and woolen slacks along with sweaters and jackets of varying thickness.

Footwear – Seeking comfort should be your basic rule while packing shoes. Ballet flats work well with almost everything while ankle booties go well with skinny jeans and leggings. Flip-flops would be good for some sightseeing and sneakers would be useful during winter months. Platform heels or wedges are necessary for clubbing and leather or suede shoes for men for the same purpose. So, choose according to your requirement and weather.

Accessories – Dark sunglasses, preferably black, would be good along with a fedora or a straw hat for the ladies. A nice tote or messenger bag would also be required. Apart from that, just carry an umbrella.