What to Wear in Los Angeles

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 4:24am by Tyler Coleman

LA is the home of Hollywood and it is always thronged by visitors wanting a taste of exquisite life; but, to really fit in a place like LA, you will have to be precautions about how you dress. Read on to know what to wear in Los Angeles.

What to Wear in Los Angeles

Weather of Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate with rainy winters, dry summers, and modest temperature variations from summer to winters. LA is a big place area-wise and covers about 500 square miles. The city is mostly flat, ringed by mountains, and the temperature of beach is 2 to 7 degrees cooler than downtown, and the biggest difference can be seen in July and August.

Winters – Winters are considered to be the best time to visit Los Angeles. Temperatures are moderate during this time of the year. The season is also quite wet but rains here are either boom or bust phenomenon, i.e., a little or a lot. The Santa Ana winds also reverse the inland air flow sometimes, blowing across the desert towards the ocean and thus causing a hot and dry winter climate. They can be too strong at times and reach up to 50 miles per hour, even higher in the mountains.

Summer – Summers here are hot and dry, but what most of visitors are not aware is that low clouds and fog hit the beaches so frequently that the locals have a name for it: June Gloom. In fact, beaches are rather interesting during this time as California coastal weather patterns change and pull in a blanket of marine fog by air rising above the hotter interior areas, which hovers around the coast all through the day. This phenomenon can start early and then it is called May Gray, and if it is still around by July, everyone is wondering why!

LA Smog – LA has a reputation for smog which started in the 1970s when the city actually had some of the world’s worst air. However, things have changed now and the air is much better. It doesn’t mean the city has clear skies, as sometimes a heavy haze covers the city. But, in case the smog bothers you, head to the beach areas; they are always better!

What to Wear and How to Pack for Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is also the home of Hollywood-conscious people, apart from being a casual city itself. You will blend in better if you stick to being trendy in LA; but like any other city, there are fashion cliques in LA, too. Dress smartly and you will fit in everywhere. Here are some suggestions:

Women – The temperature is moderate, so just layering will do. For most of the casual places, you can do well with tank-tops and jeans. Cotton shorts, khaki pants, capris and t-shirts will do. You can wear tank tops and loose shirts along with skinny jeans or leggings for just walking round the city. Skirts and tops are also perfectly acceptable everywhere. Do carry a jacket or sweatshirt to layer your clothes during evenings or when the wind starts to blow. For formal occasions, like operas and theatres, you would require dressier attire, like cocktail dresses or tunics. Most of the clubs do not give entry until you are appropriately dressed. For the beach, anything would do, but don’t forget a sarong to help you cover up later.

Men – Outdoor and casual clothing will help you fit in everywhere in the city.  You can bring vests and lightweight cotton button-down shirts to wear over them. You can pair the same with light cotton shorts or pants for walking around the city. Any kind of beachwear would do in LA, but for formal occasions, you would require collared button-down shirts and full pants in darker hues. Also carry a blazer or a sports jacket to layer your clothes.

Kids – Shorts, jeans, and capris would do along with cotton shirts, t-shirts and tank-tops. Girls can go for leggings and tunics or skirts and layer them up with jackets and sweatshirts.

Footwear – Flat and comfortable footwear for the day and heels and suede or leather shoes for the night!

Accessories – An umbrella or a trench would be required during winters. Don’t forget a classy scarf along with a nice bag and trendy sunglasses.

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