What to Wear in Los Angeles in October

Posted on Oct 6 2013 - 8:17am by Tyler Coleman

October is one such month where you witness the entire city of Los Angeles come alive. It is Halloween month and people are in festive spirits, and the visit to Long Beach will give you a nice taste of Shipwreck Halloween Terrorfest. In case you want more, head to Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead) which is a celebrated with traditional Mexican style with music, masks, costumes, performances and of course food! Read on to know what to wear in Los Angeles in October.

What to Wear in Los Angeles in October

Weather of Los Angeles in October

Even though it is cooler than September, October is still pretty warm in Los Angles. The daily average temperature highs are about 24 degrees Celsius with lows being 12 degrees Celsius only. There is a very slight possibility of light showers. The sun stays out for 9 hours each day, and if you are brave enough to take a dip in the sea (average temperature 17 degrees Celsius), it’s even better!

What to Wear and How to Pack for Los Angeles in October?

October is still warm in Los Angeles, which means you can still wear your summer clothes with just a little layering in the evenings. Here are some suggestions:

Women – To go perfectly casual in the city, you can opt for shorts or jeans along with tank-tops or loose tops and shirts. Vests and cotton shirts will work perfectly well. For walking around the city or just sightseeing, you can opt for the smart casual look like half-sleeved tops and jeans. To create layers over your clothes during evenings, do bring a light sweatshirt or cardigan. You can also include leggings and long scarves to create layers in your clothing. For hitting nightclubs, opt for a miniskirt and a tank-top or a shorts dress. You can go for sequined dresses, too. More formal events would require floor-length gowns or cocktail dresses.

Men – You can wear tanks/vests at the beach or just go with shorts. You can wear a cotton shirt over your vest and pair up with Bermuda shorts while walking around the city. While visiting ultra-expensive boutiques or places, go for dark jeans or trousers and a button-down shirt along with a jacket. For formal events, you might need your suit as most of the people will be showing up in their suits. For casual sightseeing, you can opt for dark jeans or pants along with a collared shirts and layer up with a sports jacket.

Kids – Carry the usual stuff for kids like t-shirts, shorts and jeans. Don’t forget a light jacket for evenings.

Footwear – For walking around the city, you can opt for flat shoes (ballets or gladiators), sneakers or trainers. For hitting the beach, sandals and flip-flops would be the best options. Ladies can carry high heels for formal restaurants and evenings. Men can go for something equally formal except heels!

Accessories – A nice and elegant bag/purse is absolutely necessary in LA. Scarves not only add glamour to your look but also keep you warm. You can also carry a few pieces of jewelry like necklace and bracelets but don’t overdo it. Caps also look good but avoid carrying baseball caps, and even if you do, don’t put them on in clubs.

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