What to Wear in Los Angeles in January

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:32am by Tyler Coleman

The City of Los Angeles is one of the most well known cities in the world. This city boasts some fantastic shops, beaches, restaurants and sights to see. If you are planning on traveling here during January there are a few things to keep in mind. The average highs in Los Angeles during January are around 13°C. While the lows are around 50 degrees. To avoid in problem during your trip to Los Angeles, it is important that you pack wisely.

What to Wear in Los Angeles in January

Weather of Los Angeles in January

January weather is typically cool during the day and chilly at nights. Though it can reach up to about 13°C during the daytime, it is still a good idea to pack for adverse weather. During this time rainfall is only 3 inches and the sun has begun to shine a little bit more. However, if you are planning on visiting the beach, it can get very cold extremely quickly. Here are some great clothing suggestion for this time:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Los Angeles in January?

Women: During the daytime it is advised that the ladies wear some sort of long sleeved outfits. A great outfit idea involves wearing a cardigan with a nice v neck shirt underneath. Another great option during the daytime is to wear a nice long sleeve light jacket. Los Angeles does have its occasional breezely days that can be quite chilly. A nice sweater can work just as well! During the evening time, you may need to dress more warmly. Opt for a blazer or warm jacket to fend off the nighttime air.

Men: A nice pair of warm trousers is absolutely important to have when traveling to Los Angeles in January. Though you may have plans on going to the beach it is high advised that men pack some dark denims in their luggage. The denim jeans will keep you warm while you walk along the pier and are perfect for night wear as well. A dress shirt can be worn with a sweater, cardigan or even a nice blazer to complete it. Though you may not need it, its a great idea to bring an overcoat just in case.

Kids: A nice leather jacket would be appropriate for the kids during the evening time. As Los Angeles does become rather windy during the night time. Some nice chinos are great for young boys and a leggings may be appropriate for a young girl. During the daytime it is a good idea to pack a pullover for your younger children. Typically all of the kids living in L.A. will be wearing sweaters and pullovers as well. For young girls a nice jumper can complete an outfit along with jeans.

Footwear: For Los Angeles in the daytime a nice pair of comfort sneakers is all that is needed. Boots can be worn during the night time because of the change in temperature. Also, ladies should only wear close toed heels during the night times. Trainers can be worn as well especially if you plan on walking along the beach.

Accessories: Los Angeles is known for its warm weather, but every now and again the weather may surprise you. Though you may not need it a umbrella can come in handy during Los Angeles rain storms. Along with an umbrella a nice beanie can be worn to keep the head and ears warm at night. Finally a nice pair of gloves is always a great option to bring with you. Since its Los Angeles, (what the heck)go ahead and throw a pair of sunglasses in your luggage as well.

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