What to Wear in London

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 7:39am by Tyler Coleman
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London is a storehouse of culture and history and, of course, home to one of the most renowned royal families in the world. Intellectual and artistic achievements, political scandals and a lot of fascinating places to visit make it one of the favorite destinations to visit. So make sure you are aptly packed and know what to wear in London, so that you can enjoy your time there.

What to Wear in London

Weather in London

London weather is not very hot or very cold usually; in fact it is very mild, but it can change very quickly and rather unpredictably. Like the rest of England, it has a temperate maritime climate, meaning that its seasons are well-defined yet temperatures are not very extreme. The temperature here rarely reaches freezing point even in winters or even the height of summers offers some balmy days with pleasant temperatures. The maximum temperature in summers is 30 degrees Celsius and during winters it rarely goes down to 0 degrees. It doesn’t snow much in London and same goes for its rainfall. It won’t hurt to carry an umbrella with you in case of a sudden shower. The main characteristic of London’s weather is its unpredictability – you just cannot take it for granted; heat waves and cold showers can sneak up on you any time of the year.

What to Wear in London?

London fashion is often quirky and colorful and yet people there dress with an eye towards comfort but they also keep their look neat and coordinated. Though it is still not Paris or Milan and nobody is going to look down on you because of what you are wearing, here are some suggestions:

Women – You can carry your jeans and t-shirts with you as they are quite comfortable. Shorts or something similar screams ‘tourist’ out loud, so you can skip them if you want to. London is one of the chic cities in the world, so you don’t have to work very hard on your looks. The only area where special attention is required is cultural events because visitors are expected to dress up for such events. Shorts and jeans in such events will not be considered appropriate. You can go for a nice dress and heels for such occasions. You can also pay a visit to travel shops that sell no-iron pencil skirts that remain crisp even in a suitcase.

Men – The best way to pack for London is to pack in layers. You can see people dressed in all sorts of clothes from shorts to suits and bowler hats. If you intend on sightseeing only, then T-shirts and jeans will do just fine. For more elegant places or cultural events, you will have to dress up in more than just jeans. If you are a fashion forward guy, you can try dark-wash jeans in a narrow cut combined with a shirt, tie and a jacket. Make sure you pack some semi-dressy pants and shoes, especially if you plan to go clubbing as some clubs do not allow entry in jeans and sneakers.

Kids – Packing for kids can be done in layers since you never know when the weather of London might change. You can pack short skirts and layer them with full-sleeve tops and a jacket and slacks or leggings underneath. You can also go for jeans and T-shirts as they work well with almost everything. Jumpers are a good option, too. A lightweight sweater and a leather jacket will take them through London without any difficulty or discomfort.

Footwear – Do NOT bring white sneakers or tennis shoes, you will not spot anyone wearing them in London! Wellies or rubber boots are very popular here and you should pack them, too. And, here is an instruction – Clubs don’t let you enter in sneakers and sports shoes, so you need to carry a leather or suede shoes, too. Ladies, you can carry espadrilles or closed-toe shoes and a pair of heels for cultural events.

Accessories – You can carry bold jewelry to accessorize your look. An umbrella and a cute trench are must-haves and that way you can skip the plastic poncho. Carry a scarf and a hat to keep up with the Brits.