What to wear in London in September

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 8:25am by Tyler Coleman

Though it is not as warm as August and summer vacations might be over, but that does not mean London would be any less fun in September. It is still summer season in September in London with a few occasional drizzles. Almost all of London’s major attractions are still open in September, like the Buckingham Palace – the official residence of the Queen of England and here you can have a look at the state rooms, art, furniture, and much more. And, then there is Westminster Bridge which is the only way you can get a bird’s eye view of London. You can witness BBC proms in the parks or river races in September. In short, a trip to London in any month is a treat for the eyes and the soul. The obvious question of packing still remains though – what to pack and what to skip. We give you an overview of what to wear in London in September so that you pack all that you will need.

What to wear in London in September

Weather of London in September

September sees the advent of autumn with a few remaining traces of summer. Summer has bidden adieu yet to the city and autumn has began to set foot here – this is how the weather of London in September is! Daytime temperatures are pleasant with only 19 degrees Celsius while evenings see a fall to 11 degrees Celsius – a pleasant and welcome feel! This means you can still go out in the city exploring whichever part you like, all you need is a light jacket and an umbrella.

What to Wear in London in September?

This is the time to go big on layers. Pack in both short and long types of clothes because chances are you will need both. Another thing to be kept in mind is to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Sometimes, it can be really dry for days and other times it can rain cats and dogs. Whatever the case, make sure you are ready to face it. Here are some suggestions.

Women – The weather plays rather funny during September. One day you can stroll around in just shorts and a tube-top, the next day you might have to cover up with a jacket or fleece tops. So our suggestion is that you pack both. Half- and full- sleeve t-shirts and tops are fine especially when layered with shrugs and cardigans which are lightweight. You can skip shorts since you will not need them; however, you can go for Capris or jeans. You can also opt for twill pants or pop-colored denims or pants which will add some color to the autumn weather. Also carry a nice trench and an umbrella.

Men – You can go both casual and formal in London. Sightseeing and museum visits, etc. Will not require you to dress up much, so a polo-neck T-shirt or a casual shirt and cargoes will do just fine. You can also go for trousers or jeans if you want, but save your trousers for formal events. For restaurants or nightclubs, you will have to make an effort and wear something more than just t-shirts. You can go for semi-formal trousers and full-sleeve shirts along with a blazer or a nice-fitting jacket. Avoid leather jackets in this weather. Also keep a lightweight jacket as it can get slightly cooler in the evenings.

Kids – You can pack jeans and skirts for your kids. The best way is to pack in layers as the weather changes rather quickly here. Pack skirts with slacks and tops with sweaters and jackets. Also keep V-neck t-shirts for kids and layer them with light jackets.

Footwear – Skip leather shoes in this weather; rather go for suede. And, ladies, keep something that is comfortable and save heels for formal events. Also keep rubber boots as the chances of rain are pretty high.

Accessories – Scarves and trendy bags are must-haves in every part of London, so make sure you have your fill. Also keep sunscreen and an umbrella! You can also go for trench coats and rubber boots. And, there is no way you can go out without your sunglasses, so keep them, too!

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