What to Wear in London in October

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 8:21am by Tyler Coleman

October is autumn time in London and the summers have long gone, so you can experience cooler temperatures in the city, though it is a lot wetter too during this time. No matter what the weather, visiting London is always a good idea as most of the tourist attractions are open all year round. If you are early in October, you can still visit Buckingham Palace which closes to visitors by the end of October. However, the Tower of London remains open and you can pay a visit there to have a closer look at the crown jewels or learn about the history of imprisonments and executions in London. You and your kids will enjoy the educational and fun experience of the science and natural history museums in South Kensington. Then there is the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square which you can visit for a huge array of famous paintings and Tate Modern for the best in modern art. You can also head to Westminster Bridge to get a panoramic view of London. So you see, every month in London is worth visiting. And if you are fretting over packing, then all you need to know is what to wear in London in October and half of your problem would be solved before you know it.

What to Wear in London in October

Weather of London in October

October witnesses a pleasant weather with a cooler climate than previous months. It is wetter, too. Daytime temperatures reach 14 degrees Celsius and by evenings it can fall down to 8 degree Celsius. The average hours of sunshine decreases, but you can have at least 5 hours of sunshine each day, but expect a lot of rain, too. The average rainfall in October is about 14 days in a month. So, on a normal and clear-seeming day, you would be fine with just a light jacket, it is still advisable to bring a waterproof mac and umbrella with you, just in case it rains.

What to Wear in London in October?

People in London favor darker clothes, so having one black dress is essential. For more, read on:

Women – Pack in layers, so you can add or remove clothes just as the weather changes. Black or blue jeans along with a fitted top or blouse and a light jacket will get you through most areas of London, except operas and theatres. A visit to Camden area will require designer dresses and if you plan to visit Knightsbridge, then a dress is a must-have. People there are not very fond of jeans. You can also pack Pashminas or light jackets and shrugs to prevent you from cold. Since October is a rather wetter month, carrying a trench coat is advisable.

Men – You can pack chinos and open-neck shirts with jumpers and blazers or jackets during October. For a casual day out, just jeans or chinos with T-shirts along with a jacket will be good enough. For formal occasions like opera or going to the theatre, you will have to dress up a bit in something formal. You can keep a crisp white shirt and black trousers along with a blazer or a coat. You can also go for full suits, but make sure you steer clear of striped ties. Hey have a black or a white tie culture!

Kids – You can pack denims and T-shirts for your kids. You can pack skirts, too, but as it is going to be a little cold, make sure you pack leggings or slacks, too, along with them and full-sleeve tops along with light jackets. You can also go for twill pants or cargoes. Just make sure you pack in layers.

Footwear – London is a big city and you will have to do a lot of walking to explore this city, so make sure you have footwear that let you walk with ease. You can pack sandals or closed-toe shoes (no whites) and a pair of formal shoes. Also, don’t forget to pack rubber shoes or gummy boots!

Accessories – Sunscreen and sunglasses are must in every season. You can also pack a lot of scarves and bags. Also keep umbrellas and if you fear poking people with your umbrellas, we suggest you go for trench coats.

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