What to Wear in London in July

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 8:13am by Tyler Coleman

London is one of the most preferred tourist destinations owing to its rich cultural history and fascinating royalty. Visiting it in the summer months is an extremely good idea as Buckingham Palace opens during the summer months and this is one destination no visitor would want to miss as it is the official residence of the queen. In the vicinity, you can explore Green Park and Hyde Park which is in full bloom in summer. If you have a taste for culture, you can head to the Tate Modern which has a wide array of exhibits from the previous century to the present day. You can also visit the science museum or natural history museum to keep your kids entertained and educate them alongside. That is, of course, only a portion of stuff you can do in London. There is a lot to explore and you can do that by planning and proper packing. To get started, you must know what to wear in London in July.

What to Wear in London in July

Weather of London in July

The weather of London has a reputation of being wet, cold, and damp, but July mainly witnesses summer season in London with warm temperatures and busy crowds. Daytime temperatures can be around 22 degrees Celsius while they fall down to a mere 13 degrees in the evenings. Around 8 hours of sunshine will provide you enough time to head out and explore the city in warm weather. However, the rain factor is not to be forgotten, so make sure you carry an umbrella before heading out.

What to Wear in London in July?

London is a fairly casual city, but at times chic, too, so the trick to pack is to pack what you feel comfortable in. However, going out in sweatpants is not exactly their idea of comfort! Some places, you can do well in jeans only, but if you are planning to stroll or shop around Knightsbridge, you might want to skip jeans as they consider them outdated. So, you see, different areas of London have certain dressing standards and you will have to follow them if you do not want to stand out as a tourist.

Women – You can go bright and bold during summers. Summer dresses and hats are all you need in any part of London. But beware of breezes – sometimes jersey skirts stick to their shapes better than wispy skater styles. If planning to shop at Harrods, steer clear of jeans (they have been known to turn people away with jeans!) so you may want to pack a smarter and trendy gear. Black in mainstay in Chelsea but if you go towards Camden or Portobello road; you will see an entire different crowd there. This area is ruled by designer dresses. You can also pack a Pashmina or a cardigan and a chic pair of sunglasses in case the sun goes down.

Men – Men have it even stricter in some areas and especially if talking about formals. Dark gray and navy suits are the norm in the city and never ever wear a button down collar with a suit. Striped ties are outdated. If casual is your style, you can go for chinos, almost every Brit guy has them and polo neck t-shirts. Whenever in doubt, go for a suit or a T-shirt and a leather jacket or a blazer.

Kids – Even the Brit kids are dressed more or less like their parents. Smart and trendy clothes are what they have, so make sure you pack something equivalent for your kids, too! You can go for designer dresses, and if that is too much, you can pack short dresses or skirts for your girl or shorts and tops. Boys can go for polo-neck t-shirts and jackets.

Footwear – Remember to pack shoes that let you walk and don’t sting your feet. A comfy pair of sandals will be good for walking around the city while you will need heels for nightclubs and operas. Trainers or fashion sneakers are goop options for men. Also pack your rubber boots.

Accessories – You cannot do without sunglasses and scarves in London. Without them, you are bound to feel underdressed. Also pack an umbrella or a nice trench because you never know when it could rain in London.

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