What to Wear in London in February

Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 2:24pm by Tyler Coleman

Weather-wise, it is still not an ideal time to visit London as the city is still in deep winter slumber and doesn’t awaken until spring. But most of tourist destinations are open all year round and as it is off-season you can get away with cheaper prices. Also, if the weather permits, (i.e., a bright sunny day) do pay a visit to the London Eye on Westminster Bridge to get a bird’s eye view of the city. As this is a winter month, you must be packed with proper winter gear. Read on to know more about what to wear in London in February.

What to Wear in London in February

Weather of London in February

It is fairly cold and dry in February in London. Daytime highs are 8 degrees Celsius while nighttime lows are 2 degrees Celsius. It is still not that sunny as you would expect and the sun only shows up for 4 hours every day on an average. Rains can still be encountered in the city for about 13 days on an average.

What to Wear and How to Pack for London in February?

British fashion is tailored chic and you don’t have to try too hard to fit in. For winter gear, warm and comfy is what you mainly need. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Women tend to be more inclined towards bold accessories and handbags rather than clothes. But that doesn’t mean you can totally ignore them. Dark denims can be spotted on everyone especially during colder months such as February. A pair of warm back slacks is always welcome along with a stylish cardigan and leather jacket. Warm jumpers along with blazers are also quite chic and can work for formal purposes too. Trousers and woolen cardigans and jackets also work well. An overcoat will be required on frosty days which are in plenty here.

Men – British men dress up rather casually but you can still spot the tailored chic clothes and edgy attitude they carry. However, it is not Paris or Milan so nobody is going to look down upon you for whatever you are wearing, but sticking to formals or darker jeans is advisable to mingle with the crowd better. You can pack formal button down shirts along with warm trousers or jeans and shirts with leather jackets. A woolen sweater will also be needed. At certain places like the Brompton Cross, you will need your blazer with chinos and open neck shirts. An overcoat or a thick trench is also advised.

Kids – Kids can go for the same stuff like you but only miniature versions of overcoats and sweaters. Warm slacks and jeans can be packed along with woolen sweaters and jackets.

Footwear – Soggy feet aren’t any fun! Neither are blisters any cool! Be prepared for wet and frosty climate and carry waterproof shoes or ankle boots preferably.

Accessories – The obvious winter accessories i.e. gloves, scarves and hats are to be packed and the bolder they are, the better! Also carry your sunglasses and a chic bag.

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