What to Wear in London in August

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 8:02am by Tyler Coleman

Planning to visit London in August? It is a good idea, provided you are good in handling busy areas and huge crowds. And, then there is the enormous task of packing! Well, you leave the packing to us because we tell you what to wear in London in August to help you pack! This way you can immerse yourself in all the beautiful sights and treats London has in store for you, without worrying about packing and arrangements. To begin with, Buckingham Palace opens in summers and this is where the queen lives, making it one of the most visited destinations in London. If you are bitten by the art bug, check out National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and the Tate Modern for more avant-grade exhibits to quench your thirst for art.

What to Wear in London in August

Weather of London in August

August is still warm and sunny in London with temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius in daytime falling to 13 degrees during evenings. The sun stays out for 6 hours every day which gives you ample time to explore the city and enjoy its various sights. Also, with cooler evenings, you can enjoy London’s famous nightlife. Chances of rain during August are pretty high (12 days in a month) so it is advisable that you carry your umbrella with you. However, since this is summertime, you will encounter busy areas and huge crowds, but it can still be a sight.

What to Wear in London in August?

Your clothing choices and options will largely be affected by the areas you wish to visit and the weather, of course. The best and worst part of London weather is it is very unpredictable. Sometimes, you can see sun in autumn and spring and yet no signs of it in summer. So that washes off the predictable part of weather! Different areas in London have different styles of dressing, too. Basically, it is a very casual city with a mix of people from different cultures and nationalities, which is reflected from the way they dress. Take a look here for some clothing and accessory suggestions:

Women – Back home, your idea of summer clothing may be shorts and tank-tops, but don’t do that in London. People do wear shorts here, but in a chic manner, so if you don’t want to stick out as a sore thumb, you better dress they way they do. A summer dress is must for London, no matter if are up for sightseeing or going to a restaurant. They are not high on jeans, too; in fact they consider it to be outdated. You can carry skirts and leggings with you and some sleeveless tops. And, as you never know when the weather changes, carry a cardigan and an umbrella, too!

Men – Your clothing options would depend on the area you are visiting. For sightseeing, you can rely on casuals like polo-neck t-shirts or V-neck along with chinos or shorts. You can also go for semi-formal shirts and pants or trousers in neutral shades like beige. For a formal event, you got to have a suit along with a waistcoat (vest) with open bottom button (Brits think it’s fashionable!). A white or black tie is something you cannot skip.

Kids – Pack summer dresses and skirts which can be paired up with stockings and leggings. Half-sleeve t-shirts and Bermuda shorts will work well, too. A good jumper will always come to your rescue whenever in doubt. A leather jacket can also be kept for formal outings or you can stick to lightweight jackets and cardigans.

Footwear – The best way to explore any city is on foot and shoes that cause discomfort won’t really let you do that. If you still insist on style, you can try flat-forms that have a level sole and are trendy. And, for your own sake, do not wear white sneakers or trainers in London streets! People there are not exactly in their fan club. You can still keep a good pair of heels and formal suede shoes.

Accessories – You will find a lot of Brit women wearing scarves and that is when you will wish for one, so better pack few in advance. Also keep a tote, sunscreen and sunglasses.

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